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Flying Car Coming in 2021: Sky Ubers Will Soon Be a Reality

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Marcus Leng, a Canadian inventor, has designed BlackFly, a flying car that mirrors a sleek, cone-shaped sci-fi car flying above cities. A cross between a helicopter and an airplane, the flying car is set to change the way transportation happens.

The flying car is said to have enough space for a 6-foot, 6-inch person, and can fly for about 25 miles without requiring a recharge. Sporting two small wings and eight spinning rotors lined up across its nose and tail, those who have test-driven this electrical vehicle explicate the exhilarating rush, and even spoke about the thrill they experienced.

Will flying car soon be a reality?

Engineers and entrepreneurs have spent more than a decade working on the concept and design of flying cars. With an aim to make the world a traffic-free place, several prototypes have been created to achieve this dream as many believe these flying cars will be cheaper and safer than helicopters, providing practically anyone with the means of flying above crowded streets.

Flying car coming 1

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Opener, a renowned name in the same field, is currently working on a single-person aircraft for use in rural areas. They are designing a private flying car for the rich that could hit the market by the end of 2021. There are other companies as well who are working on the concept of Uber for the skies. These flying cars will change the way the world functioned. Then there are some who are designing vehicles that can fly without a pilot.

Even Hyundai Motor Co and General Motors Co. are working on developing flying cars, with the South Korean company and firmly believe that they can have an air-taxi service in operation as soon as 2025.

BlackFly flying car to debut in 2021?

BlackFly flying car

Since BlackFly is considered as ab experimental “ultralight” vehicle by the government, it does not require regulatory approval once it hits the market. The only drawback, it will not be possible to fly the electric car over cities and other bustling areas.

If companies keep getting million-dollar investments to work on the flying car, we can expect it to make a mass entry be 2024. Initially, it is assumed that they will operate like helicopters, with pilots flying people from landing pad to landing pad for a fee.

They will be greener than helicopters and require less maintenance. One day, the flying car could even fly on its own.

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