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Samsung Electronic Skin is Innovation at its Best

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Imagine a fitness tracker you can stick to your body, a tracker that acts like your second skin! Samsung, the master of technology, is working on creating electronic skin which will be able to detect heartbeat with great precision, among other things. The Samsung electronic skin has a stretchable OLED display that will serve as a heart rate sensor.

The stretchable Samsung electronic skin comprises a built-in heart rate monitor, the device can be stretched up to 30% and promises greater durability than any other fitness tracker in the market. A team of researchers at the Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology (SAIT) have successfully created a portable device with a flexible screen. This electronic skin is specifically designed to provide stable measurements, even after being stretched up to 1000 times.

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Purpose of Samsung Electronic Skin

Since Samsung electronic skin is a portable device, it quickly adapts to the movements of the wearer. Also, since it is fixes or gets attached to the human skin, it continuously measures the heartbeat, and that too with greater sensitivity.

The health monitors and fitness wearables available in the market need to be removed at some time. The Samsung electronic skin, on the other hand, acts a stretchable device allowing “close adhesion to the skin, which not only means better monitoring but also a comfortable experience.

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Chung, a researcher working on the device, said, “Our research is still in the early stages, but our goal is to realize and commercialize stretchable devices by increasing system resolution, stretchability, and measurement accuracy to a level that makes mass production possible,” He further went on to explain the concept behind the electronic skin and said, “In addition to the heartbeat sensor that was applied in this test case, we plan to incorporate stretchable sensors and high-resolution free form displays to enable users to monitor things like peripheral oxygen saturation, electromyogram readings and blood pressure.”

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