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Six Tried and Tested Methods to Recover Twitter Account in 2022

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So, your Twitter account has been suspended and you have exhausted all your resources to recover it. Do not worry. We got you covered. It is quite easy to recover Twitter account if you know the process and we are going to tell you exactly the same. In this article, you will learn how to recover Twitter account that has been suspended in six different ways. Try one or try all as till the matter is resolved.

How to recover Twitter account that has been suspended?

1. Recover the account on your own– Try to log in and check for notifications requesting email confirmation or your phone number. Most of the time, verifying the account using any of the two methods, the account gets unsuspended.

This process may take ten to twenty minutes and is the easiest and most effective method of reactivating a suspended Twitter account.

2. Appeal to Twitter support– Twitter has a support team that listens to and resolves grievances. Here is how you can appeal to Twitter support:

  • Log into your locked or suspended account to submit the request
  • Describe your grievances in details while mentioning the reasons why you want them to cancel your account suspended status
  • You have to give your details such as your Twitter username, your name, and email address to complete the application

3. Email Twitter– There are a few email ids where you can email to appeal your ban. Most of the time, the autoresponder replies back. Here are some of the email ids to send the email to:

However, you need to keep in mind that some of these may be deactivated over time and you need to find new ones to send emails to. You need to send several emails to them to ensure that your account gets unbanned.

4. Contact Twitter support– You can ask your friends to contact  @TwitterSupport and explain to them the case. Mention the case number as well. You may use a different account of your own to reach out to Twitter. You should request them to reconsider their decision and unban your account. Many people got their accounts unsuspended using this method.

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5. Contact Better Business Bureau– Better Business Bureau helps with complaints when any business is not responding to any request made to them or not giving an appropriate response.

In your case, since you are not getting any response from Twitter as to why the account has been suspended or not getting any reply from them to unblock it, you can register your complaint with BBB for free. Here is how to file the complaint:

  • Choose the radio button appropriate to your situation
  • Choose File a complaint
  • Fill in additional details in the pop-up window that would appear
  • Give complete details about yourself and the complaint
  • Review and submit
  • Once BBB received the information, they will message Twitter directly on your behalf.

Watch this YouTube video:

6. Get support via Reddit– If none of the mentioned techniques work for you, discuss your issues on a platform such as Reddit. There are a few active communities of unofficial Twitter subreddits. The users answer questions related to Twitter.

You may also look for novel strategies followed by Twitter users to get their account back.

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It is important to be kind, courteous and polite wherever you are emailing or contacting to get your account unblocked. When you give proper information about the whole situation and let them know why and how important the account is for you the chances of getting it unblocked increased. If the suspension happened due to your own fault, be brave to apologize and promise not to do the same thing again. This is how you can recover Twitter account.

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