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Search for Businesses Easily on WhatsApp with the Business Search Feature

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WhatsApp is leaving no stone unturned to please its user base. It is trying every possible way to ease things for its patrons. The Meta-owned platform has introduced new features to help people shop around from businesses on WhatsApp.

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About the feature

The features would aid in finding businesses easily, let people shop directly through WhatsApp, etc. You can search for businesses whether big or small by categories such as banking or travel. The businesses can be searched by name as well. There would be a Discover Business feature to find the particular company you are looking for. This dismisses the need to search with phone numbers through their websites.  

Discreet feature

The best thing about the ‘Business Search’ option is that nobody would know that a search has been made. The feature is being rolled out in Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and the UK. In Brazil, users have the option to look for small businesses as well. It is to be noted that the Business Search feature is available for its Business Platform only.

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In-chat payments

WhatsApp would also be presenting in-chat payments using credit or debit cards in Brazil. Thus, shopping would be possible directly through the website easily. This feature was first introduced in India with the option to shop from JioMart. The new feature is being introduced in Brazil after WhatsApp Pay was halted in the country by the central bank.

WhatsApp says

According to a blog post by WhatsApp, it will be “a game-changer for people and businesses looking to buy and sell on WhatsApp without having to go to a website, open another app or pay in person.”

It is to be seen when the ‘Business Search’ option would be introduced to other countries including India. And also, it is up to WhatsApp to decide if and when the shopping option is being offered to other nations.

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