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Google Launches AR Search On Maps, Immersive Experience On Cards

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Google has always worked on making its Maps experience immersive and the latest AR Live View spec just proves so. Currently, Maps with this feature has launched in NYC, London and LA along with few other cities. The latest augmented reality based feature will make finding things around a place, way easier and interesting.

Interesting developments on block

Back in September, Goggle had hinted at few deets on Search using Live View for Maps. However, the latest AR laced feature on both iOS and Android is great news. Among the other cities set to get this feature are Tokyo, San Francisco and Paris.

Imagine how exciting would it be for you to find out where the nearest coffee shop is or where an ATM is, by simply focusing on a specific area around.

If you are in a place where the Search with the Live View is available, simply tap thw Maps search bar’s camera button in the Google Maps search bar, focus the phone’s camera  and look for dots that appear to indicate where the landmarks are.

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Google is making more changes on Google Maps. So much so that you can even hunt for an EV charging station, locate wheelchair-accessible places globally. These are yet to roll put globally but have already found way to Australia, USA, UK and Japan.

Summing up

Multi search, that lets users make use of an image as well as text in a unique type of search, will let you look for stuff “near me,” in the US. Therefore, rest assured that there’s a whole lot of great stuff coming your way form Google.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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