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Here’s how you can send fake current location on Whatsapp!

The live Location sharing feature on WhatsApp allows you to share your location with your contacts. However, there are times when you may not want to share your exact location. In this post, we share easy tips that can help you send fake current location on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp has a simple UI and is loaded with some great features including last seen, forwarding label, voice and video calling, and more. Among the features, location sharing is most loved by many people and is available for both Android as well as iOS.

To begin with, let’s understand how to send live locations on WhatsApp. Go to the attach button next to the chats’ text bar. Next, under “Location”, you should see the ‘Share Live Location’ option. Select it to share your live location with family and friends and track you in real time on a map. You can also choose the duration for which you want the location to be tracked on the map.

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Live location is available for both individuals as well as group chats. After sharing your Live Location, you can simply tap on “Stop Sharing”.

How to send fake current location on WhatsApp?

Sometimes you happen to run into unexpected problems or are late for meetings or people could casually ask you to share your live location on WhatsApp. While most of the time sharing your live site can be a boon, sometimes it may not. In such cases, you can send a fake current location on WhatsApp.

You need to download a third-party app such as GPS Emulator from Google Play Store. Next, enable the developer option on your phone. To do this, go to Settings, select Developer Options, and then tap on the ‘Select fake location app’ option. Next, in the app, type the fake location in the search bar and then enable the GPS Emulator by clicking on the green button at the bottom.

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How to send fake current location on WhatsApp iPhone?

As Apple is high on protecting its user’s privacy, it does not allow any location tampering. So, there is a special third-party app that can help you share the fake location.

1. Using Screenshot (without jailbreak)

In this method, instead of sending your live location, you can simply take a fake screenshot of your location and share it with your contacts. That said, this method is not very reliable as it’s not a live location. However, without jailbreak or live location, this is the best option you have on iPhone.

  • Go to Appstore and download Change my location
  • Open the app and find a location you wish to share with others
  • Take a screenshot and then share it with your contact over WhatsApp

2. Using PC/Mac (without jailbreak)

If you do not have jailbreak privileges, no app from Appstore will help you share a fake location. However, if you have access to a Windows PC or Mac, you can use some tools without jailbreak to fake your location.

For this, you will need MockGo iPhone GPS Location Spoofer.

  • Install it on your computer and connect your iPhone using a cable
  • Find a location you wish to fake
  • Next, click on ‘Move Here’
  • Next, open your WhatsApp and click on the location sharing option
  • You can now share the fake live location and it will show the one you selected using the MockGo app

3. Using jailbreak

With a jailbroken device, you can easily send your fake location to others. Go to the Cydia store (a store available only after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad). While it may not be easy to find an app that will work for your device, you can use Location Faker which runs on all iOS 13 and later.

After installing the app, you can enter the latitude and longitude you wish to fake. Next, open WhatsApp and click on share live location. Next, select the duration and you are good to go!

Wrap up

While you may be tempted to use third-party apps to send fake current location on WhatsApp, we recommend you use this trick only when it is absolutely necessary.

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