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Samsung Hires Semiconductor Expert from Rival Apple

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Samsung, a South Korean tech giant has reportedly roped in Kim Woo-Pyeong from Apple, who is a semiconductor expert. He will work as Samsung’s director for a new packaging solution centre. As per Business Korea, back in July 2022, the company established the packaging Solution Centre in Device America (DSA).

Woo-Pyeong studied at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He worked for Texas Instruments and Qualcomm and then switched to Apple in 2014 where he worked for about nine years.

According to experts, this recruitment is uncommon because of the special relationship between the two tech giants, Samsung and Apple. These two companies have been each other’s biggest competitors for a long time.

Samsung Hires Semiconductor Expert from Rival Apple 1

However, this is not the first time that Apple employee has left the company for Samsung. Back in 2012, an employee named Luc Julia, who oversaw the development of Siri also left Apple to join Samsung.

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Business Korea also states that at present Samsung Electronics is concentrating on technology development for packaging. Due to the increasing difficulty in developing ultra-micro fabrication processes, all the chipmakers are looking forward to improving and enhancing packing technology.

Previously, South Korean tech giant Samsung began the mass production of its 3nm semiconductor chips. After the start of this production, the company became the first semiconductor manufacturer to produce chips on the 3nm process node.

Link on the link below to know more.Samsung is the First Company to Begin Mass Production of 3nm Chips

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