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Samsung is the First Company to Begin Mass Production of 3nm Chips

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Recently, Samsung confirmed that it has begun the mass production of its 3nm semiconductor chips. With this, Samsung is now the first semiconductor manufacturer to produce chips on the 3nm process node. Interestingly, the company is using Gate-All-Around (GAA) architecture rather than FinFET. The GAA transistor architecture guarantees better power efficiency and high performance.

Samsung said that the GAA transistor architecture offers a 23% improvement in performance, 45% improvement in power efficiency, and 16% smaller surface area in comparison with current 5nm chips. Furthermore, the company aims at decreasing the power size and consumption by 35% and 50% respectively, and increasing performance to 30%.

Samsung Electronics 1

As of now, Samsung Electronics is manufacturing the first generation of 3nm chips. Later in 2023, it will start the manufacturing of the second generation of the 3nm chips, a spokesperson at Samsung told TechCrunch.

Samsung beats its biggest silicon manufacturing competitor

With the mass products of 3nm chips, Samsung leaves behind its biggest silicon manufacturing competitor TSMC. However, even TSMC is expected to start with the 3nm chips manufacturing soon.

The Taiwanese company also has plans for starting the production of 2nm chips by the year 2025. These are among the most advanced chips which are hard to develop and have a smaller number of nanometers. According to a spokesperson, the smaller nodes let more transistors to get placed on a particular area.  This allows the chip to be more power-efficient and advanced.

Samsung Electronics 2

 Samsung, the South Korean tech giant will start the mass production of its 3nm semiconductor chips at its fabrication plant in Hwaseong.

President and Head of Foundry Business at Samsung Electronics, Dr. Siyoung Choi said that the company has grown rapidly. This is because they are continuing to demonstrate leadership in applying next-gen technologies. These include FinFET, the foundry industry’s first High-K Metal Gate, and EUV.

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