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Record Quality Webcam Videos That Look and Sound Great

Making a video with a webcam is easy and convenient. However, most webcam recordings lack good audio and video quality. But by doing a few adjustments you can record quality webcam videos that look and sound great.

How to record quality webcam videos that look and sound great?

Set up audio recording

Although most computers and laptops have built-in microphones better sound quality can be achieved by using an external microphone. Get a basic microphone and that would be good enough to enhance the audio quality of webcam recordings.

Watch this YouTube video for a clear understanding:

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Position the webcam

Most people while recording on webcams stare at their computer screen and the webcams record people staring down at them from above. Setting the webcam at eye level will resolve this issue. While recording, it is advisable to look at the webcam and not at the screen for a great presentation.

Adjust the lighting

It is a known fact that bright light gives better pictures. The same applies to webcam recordings. To get nice bright light, use household lamps to three-point lighting approximately. The subject’s face ought to be brightly lit with no odd-looking shadows.

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Clear the background

Webcam videos are mostly recorded in bedrooms or homes which is a part of the charm per se. While it is not required to change the background in its entirety but it is important to ensure that there is no clutter or distracting object peeping and showing on the screen. The main subject’s head or the body should be the only thing showing on the screen apart from a neat background whether well-decorated or not.


Once you have set up the equipment, it is ready to record. The best thing about webcams is that retakes are easy to do. Until you are satisfied with the perfect video you can continue to retake it. You can get away with quick takes as well as off-the-cuff videos as long as the lighting and sound are right.

Additional tips

Quality adjustment leads to better webcam recording. In most webcams, you will find the feature to adjust the compression and format of the videos. Increasing the resolution and decreasing the compression lead to better quality. If you have to maintain a certain file size and speed then record lower-resolution and smaller video files.

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Use the instructions mentioned in this article to record quality webcam videos that look and sound great. You can use the webcam to live stream video as well. The same is advised whether you are exporting the video to YouTube or other websites, recording directly onto a computer, or streaming the video love. Share this information with others if you found it useful.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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