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Tips on How to Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam

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There used to be that time when webcams propped on to the monitors looked trendy. Of course those were times of need too. Today, finding a webcam is tough and pretty expensive. Let us not forget the shoddy picture quality they promise.  However, your meetings and Zoom calls just might need a good webcam just about now.

Did you know that you could use your iPhone or Android phone as a webcam too? Well, here are few handy tips around how to use your smartphone as a webcam.

We begin with tips to use your iPhone as webcam before moving on to a detailed guide on using Android smartphone as a webcam too.

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam—A Detailed Guide For iPhones  

Use the iPhone as a webcam with the right apps on the same. You will need a companion application on your laptop or PC as well. The setup is easy and comes with better alternative — native apps.

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In case you want your webcam to be synced for making calls on Skype or Slack and Zoom chats, then download the relevant iPhone app from the Apple store. These apps are made especially for a mobile experience and therefore, you stand good chance of enjoying the interface.

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Going Hands Free Is Fuss Free

Invest in a decent tripod if you want to go hands free. You may choose going all out on the GorillaPod. This mounts on to or attaches over to, just about any surface. invest in AirPods if you may; for a wireless experience.

The top apps recommended for answering the question how to use your iPhone as a webcam are EpocCam and iVCam. The latter is meant for only windows. The former works both on Mac and Windows. There are free options for both apps but inherently the two are premium products.

EpocCam for both Mac and Windows ha three apps for iPhone that are available. A free version comes with limitations, but a high-definition version comes for $7.99 and loads of features. The full blown $19.99 version is a professional pick for those wanting multiple camera usage.

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iVCam has similar ways of working. Its free version supports HD resolution but comes with a watermark patch over all its video feed. Pay $9.99 from developer’s website or $9.99 for an in-app purchase if you want the premium version.

More On The Cam Apps

Both these apps allow usage of USB or wireless connections. You may pick to use a rear facing or a front facing camera, toy between lenses and also enable the use of flash. When compared to a traditional webcam, these apps are superb buys.

Whatever app you pick, you need to keep it open and running on the iPhone screen to use the latter as a webcam. Once you use the application, set up the phone, you need to visit the apps setting. Select the option for virtual webcam here, as the input device for webcam.

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How to Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam—A Detailed Guide For Android  

There are limited options if you need your Android phone to work as a webcam along with a Mac. EpocCam is a popular choice but is premium. However, better is Iriun app. While the latter might not be feature-heavy, it is a temporary fix that works well.

  1. Download Iriun app from Play Store.
  2. Allow app the needed permissions
  3. Download and then install MacOS app from the website of Iriun.
  4.  Launch client and you will find that it pairs wirelessly with your phone app.

Tada! Open the videoconferencing app and then choose Iriun to work as the webcam app.

Add-on Tips

Enable the Developer Options on Android. Visit Settings > About Phone and then Build number for seven times. Access Settings > System and tap the new developer options. Look for USB debugging. Toggle this on.

Plug the Android phone in the Mac using the USB cable. Open app on the phone as well as Mac. That is all!

How To Use Smartphone As A Webcam—Two Exclusive Tips

  • While the trend of using wireless stuff is on the rise, remember that wired connections work better than the wireless things. Going in for USB connection is a better choice.
  • Additionally, make sure that you are still, as you use the smartphone as a webcam.

While you might have found the answer to how to use your smartphone as a webcam, remember that doing so, will drain the battery substantially. Plug the phone into an outlet unless you are plugged in to a USB connection. Of course, the convenience of using the smartphone as a webcam, is huge. Therefore, with the right tips you can work around the limitations too!

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