Google has launched new buttons for Gmail in Android to facilitate the process of copying and pasting email addresses. The new buttons replace the old gesture, which demanded users to long-press email addresses to show up the copy prompt.

The new buttons along with other recent alterations updated in the application, are designed to ease the editing of Office attachments without downloading them. It has also gained new filters for advanced searches.

New Button For Gmail in Android 2

The new button for Gmail in Android is a s part of the Gmail version 2020.05.17.313130477 and is currently rolled out only for Android users. The company will soon roll it out for iOS and Web users.It has been noted by Android Police that the new buttons are not available for all Gmail users at the moment. This indicates that the feature may be rolling out with a server-side update. It is also possible that the new buttons are part of an A-B test, which can be the reason why it is currently available to some users.

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How the new buttons in Gmail for Android work?

Copy button copies the email address to the clipboard and you can then paste it into any other field. The Remove button, on the other hand, erases the selected email address from the current field. It is important to remember that the Remove button will not delete the selected email address from other fields. This means, that if you have an email address in both the “To” and “BCC” fields, and if you plan to remove the one in the BCC field using the new button, email address from the other won’t be removed automatically.

New Button For Gmail in Android 1

Both items in the new button for Gmail in Android are coloured red, thus in sync with other highlights in the application. It draws back into a simple circle as one scrolls down, while swiping up will expand it again.

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