Personalising Themes in a Gmail Inbox

Personalizing Themes in a Gmail Inbox

While sending and receiving emails may not be the most exciting part of communication, it can be a fun project to spice up our email accounts by customizing the themes and wallpapers. Gmail in particular allows users to play around with the themes on their email inbox, so let us take a look at how to use and change themes in Gmail.  

How to Change Gmail Background

To use a default Gmail wallpaper, these are the steps to be followed: 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the desired account and click on the settings icon. This can be found at the top right-hand side of the screen
  3. Find ‘Themes’ in the dropdown menu and tap on it
  4. Choose the theme you like and tap on ‘Save’ 

One may also use a random theme which appears as the last option on the list. To change the manner in which a specific Gmail background looks, one can add some effects like the blur or vignette settings, or even change the background of the onscreen text.
Since all themes are not created equal, and some don’t have the bandwidth for further customization, these options may not be always available. 

How to use and change theme in Gmail 1

To know whether the chosen theme has more options for customisation, simply look at the icons down at the bottom right. 

The best Gmail backgrounds are found in the first section when users open up the “Pick your theme” menu. Here you will find a range of images – from famous landmarks to wildlife images and sceneries. Upon scrolling further down, users can select “More images”. Upon moving further down, there are some standard themes that include plain colours and simple drawings, but these are not customisable. 

Changing Google Theme to Own Picture

Users are ot limited only to a large selection of the default Gmail backgrounds; it is also possible to change the Gmail wallpaper to personal pictures as well. This is perhaps the maximum amount of customisation and email box can offer its users. These are the steps to do this : 

  1. Go to the theme settings.  
  2. Tap on My photos found at the bottom left of the “Pick your theme” box
  3. Choose the photo to be used as the Gmail background and click ‘Save’

This is all there is to change and play around with Inbox themes in Gmail. Personalisation, customisation, and an intuitive Inbox is what Gmail offers, along with a user-friendly interface.