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Maintain Social Distancing: Google Launching Handshake Emoji

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To promote gender equality and help people maintain social distancing and yet feel connected, Google launching a “handshake emoji” with with 25 skin tone options. The new emoji shows a multi-skin toned handshake. 

Google launching handshake emoji is expected to make its way on your mobile and PC with the next awaited release, Emoji 14.0 in 2022. Jennifer Daniel, Google’s creative director for emoji said, “These kinds of explorations are really important because the Unicode Consortium and Google really care about bringing inclusion into the Unicode Standard.”

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The new handshake emoji by Google was first proposed in November 2019 to make it public in 2021. However, Jennifer explained that technical delays along with the second wave of COVID have led to a delay in the release of the multi-skin handshake emoji. Daniel added, “Every time we add a new emoji, there’s a risk it could exclude people without our consciously knowing it. The best we can do is ensure emoji continue to be as broad, flexible, and fluid as possible. Just like language. Just like you.” 

Why Google is launching handshake emoji?

Although we have had the regular, one-tone handshake emoji since forever, Google launching handshake emoji with two new emoji hands (a right hand in all the various skin tone shades and left in the various skin tone shades) will make it more interesting for the masses.

Each Unicode symbol needs to be encoded. It acts as a language, with its own set of laws and rules which are communicated from a keyboard to a computer so that what you see on your screen looks the way it’s supposed to. 

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