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Know the Multiple Ways of How to Copy Contacts from Phone to SIM

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It is important to know how to copy contacts from phone to SIM so that when you change your device, you do not lose your existing contact list. Moreover, once you have transferred all the contacts you do not have to do it again the next time you change the phone. It is also extremely important to have the contacts saved on the cloud as well to recover them if the phone is lost or the SIM malfunctions.

How to Copy Contacts from Phone to SIM?

There are several reasons for a person wanting to transfer the contact list to the SIM. You may also need assistance with that in the future. Thus, it is better to know how it is done beforehand so that you can put the knowledge to use when required.

There are several ways to do it. Let us go through each method one by one.

Using the Phone’s Contacts App

  • Open the Contacts app. Choose the three dots, sometimes also mentioned as ‘More’
  • You would be presented with the option to ‘Export’ or ‘Import/Export contacts’. Click on it
  •  Choose the option that lets you export the contacts to your SIM card or a .vcf file. While both the options work but exporting to a SIM card works quicker

When a vCard is created on the SIM, you can transfer it to another phone or use it as a backup.

Transferring Groups of Contacts

You may not need to back up all the contact but only some of them. Find out how to do that:

  • Open the Contacts app
  • Choose the three dots or ‘More’ option
  • Choose ‘Manage contacts’ or something similar to it as shown on your phone
  • Select ‘Import contacts or ‘Copy contacts’. Choose from where you want the contacts to be imported from
  • Select the contacts you want tapping on them. Choose ‘Copy to SIM’ or similar command you are done with the selection

This list will now be available as a vCard on your SIM.

Copying using the Easy Backup App

Easy Backup is a great tool to transfer or backup contacts from Android smartphones to the SIM when you use another device. Given below is the process:

how to copy contacts from phone to sim 2
  • Download the Easy Backup App from the Google Play store
  • Open the app and create an account
  • Login and tap ‘Backup’ to begin the process
  • Choose ‘Tap to Upload’ and upload the contacts to the cloud
  • Download the app on your new device and log in using the same credentials
  • Choose the option ‘My Backups’
  • Select ‘Cloud Backups’ to choose what you want to restore
  • Select the backup file
  • Click on ‘Tap to Download’
  • Select ‘Preview’ to check your downloaded contacts
  • Pick and choose the ones you want to restore and tap ‘Restore Contacts’

This app will let you export the contacts to another service, Excel sheet, or your email id. Additionally, you can use the app to merge duplicate contacts.

It is a fairly easy process and everybody can do it if they follow any of the three processes step-by-step. Let us know in the comments below and help the community if you know any other method of how to copy contacts from phone to SIM.

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