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Know How to Send Images in Whatsapp without Save Number

In case you are wondering how to send images on WhatsApp without a save number, the answer is, there is no official feature for this. The majority of such methods are carried out using third-party apps.

With millions of users, WhatsApp is among the most widely used instant messaging services. Numerous helpful features, such as video calling, calling, messaging, payments, and others, are already available on the app. The platform hasn’t yet added some attributes that users have requested, though. Sending messages to contacts who haven’t been saved is one of these options. 

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How to send an image in WhatsApp without save a number via a web browser

  • Open your phone’s web browser in any app
  • After that, enter the link (http://wa.me/91xxxxxxxxxx). (For example, “https://wa.me/991125387,” enter the mobile number in ‘XXXXX’ format with the country code at the beginning
  • To open the link after entering the number, hit enter
  • The WhatsApp screen will be displayed. To continue the chat, select the green “Continue Chat” button
  • The entered mobile number’s WhatsApp chat window will launch. You have just informed them

How to send an image in WhatsApp without save the number using truecaller

In case you use Truecaller, it will be simpler for you to send direct messages without saving the phone number thanks to the app.

  • Run the Truecaller application
  • In the search bar, enter the contact number of the person you wish to chat with
  • The person’s Truecaller profile will open
  • After that, scroll down and click the WhatsApp button on the profile
  • It will launch the WhatsApp chat window
  • The message can now be sent without saving the phone number

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How to send an image in WhatsApp without save a number via the Siri method

(For iPhone users)

Another method exists for iPhone users who want to message a new contact on WhatsApp.

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  • On your iPhone, launch the Apple Shortcuts app
  • Hit on the “Add shortcut” button
  • Next, install the shortcut for WhatsApp to Non-Contact
  • Tap the shortcut once it has been installed to activate it
  • A “Choose recipient” pop-up window will appear
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number along with its country code (+91- for an Indian number)
  • You can then message the person by opening the specific number’s WhatsApp chat thread

Bottom line

To send images in WhatsApp without a saved number is essentially impossible. So, to message someone on WhatsApp, you must first save their contact before opening the app. However, there are a few methods you can use to message someone who is not a friend of yours or someone you are not familiar with. Some of these techniques are described below.

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