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Know How to Recover Deleted Images and Videos from Whatsapp

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Though WhatsApp provides an automatic backup service for your media or chats on a yearly, monthly, or daily basis. But still, there is no specific feature or option available that can help you to know how to recover deleted images and videos from WhatsApp.

But Don’t worry if because of a storage issue or by mistake you deleted some important media file that was shared through WhatsApp, you can still back it up by uninstalling and reinstalling Whatsapp. Shocked? Here is how?

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How to recover deleted images and videos from WhatsApp using backup

As mentioned earlier WhatsApp has this service of media backup on a different period basis (depending on what you had chosen). So if during log-in you chose some backup option then there is scope for you. Here are steps for how you can recover deleted media using Google Drive or iCloud:

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  • Uninstall the WhatsApp application on your device then reinstall it again
  • Follow every setup process using the same phone number
  • When asked about restoring your data from the backup > accept it
  • Once you complete the setup, all your backed-up data will be restored to your device.

Whatsapp media folder option for android users

Android users can go to the root directory and follow further steps to know how to recover deleted images and videos from WhatsApp:

  • Go to the file explorer app > Noe and choose the WhatsApp folder in the root directory
  • Tap on the ‘Media’ folder and further choose the ‘Whatsapp images’ folder from the list
  • Now you can see all of the received images in this folder
  • In case you wish to find sent media then go to the ‘Sent’ folder > here you can find deleted media that was sent by you

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How to prevent accidental WhatsApp media deletion

If the user wants they can change some settings and prevent this accidental deletion of WhatsApp media. Follow further steps to achieve this:

  • Go to WhatsApp > open any chat
  • Choose a media then hit n the delete icon
  • Whatsapp will give you four options
  • ‘Delete for everyone’
  • ‘Delete for me’
  • ‘Also delete media received in this chat from the device gallery’
  • ‘Cancel’

Now turn off the 3rd option to prevent accidental deletion of WhatsApp media from your device. Once you do these settings, WhatsApp automatically saves all the media in your device’s gallery, and it won’t get deleted even if you delete it from WhatsApp.

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Final words

Hopefully, now you are not worried about any specific feature that should be dedicated to the recovery of WhatsApp media files. Above mentioned tricks can lead you to know how to recover deleted images and videos from WhatsApp.

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