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Know how to make money online without paying anything 

You don’t have to wait to get graduated or pursue masters, so as to earn money. All you need is skill and the right information about how to make money online without paying anything. Nowadays there are countless ways to do so and in this article you will find the easiest and practical ways among them. There are content writing, data entry, surveys and various other exciting methods to earn money either part time or full-time. 

Different methods to earn money online

Here are 7 best ways to make money online without paying anything. Go through the listicle, they are not best to worst, but with different skill-sets. So, ick-u the one that aligns with your interests and skill-sets.

  1. Content writing
  2. Online surveys
  3. Data entry operator
  4. Mystery shopper
  5. Social media assistant
  6. Tutoring online
  7. Freelancing

Content writing

All you need for being a content writer is the skill to frame the content in such a way so that it relates and engages the audience. Also, a curious mind to research anything and everything. That’s it and nothing more.

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First step towards content writing is to find your niche. Anything from your profession, education, entertainment, music or technology. Whatever you are interested in, have knowledge in, or are ready to research about, that is the niche meant for you. 

Don’t worry about excelling in the English language, if not English there are various local or regional languages too in which abundant content is required. As a beginner You should look for opportunities where there is less competition. Look for bloggers, content marketers, website owners.

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Paid surveys

Contact market research companies, they conduct several surveys to collect data for their operations. Find opportunities on, Swagbucks, InboxDollars and earn instant money online. You will no longer ask how to make money online without paying anything.  

All they ask for is, register with them, you will get notifications by email, you will have to complete those surveys and earn points. Further same, free shopping vouchers or redeem those points for cash on top stores such as Amazon.

If you want instant access to these surveys then a maximum of these companies also create their apps. Which you can download on your mobile and keep earning money online. Through this method you can make enough to spend or save.

Data entry operator

A very simple job in which you simply need to convert audios or paperwork into templates or digital sheets. Service buyers will assign you the targets. Before you start with this job, don’t forget that there are several scammers in this field. So, beware of those fraud companies.

To begin with you can search on Shine, Times Jobs, and for the data entry operator jobs.

Mystery shopper

This one is a fascinating one. If you are someone interested in playing a mysterious shopper and earn at the same time, then this job is for you. Your job role would be to go to a mall, store, restaurant, hotel or any commercial outlet and observe certain things, as explained by your employer. 

Basically, you will be working for a market research firm. They will ask you to buy or try certain things for their observation. Cost and everything will be on the firm, you won’t have to pay for anything.

Rule here is, you won’t disclose about your purpose of visit, and only observe the service. Later you fill in the details on a template given by the company. This will help the company or organization to improve their performance.

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Social media assistant

If you are a social media lover and kind of scientist who understands the media hacks then this one would be a fun way for you to make money online. 

Usually social media assistants have flexible working hours, and part-time work only. Your job would be to increase engagement on the social media of your employer. Upload pictures, content, respond to the feedback and comments and make the organization popular. 

Remember, you will encounter several queries as well on social media, you will have to answer according to the policies of the organization, skillfully handle negative feedback, tweets or retweets.

Online tutoring

Do you believe you are a good teacher, studious, and love reading? Then this one’s for you. How? You can manage part-time or full-time, according to the time you have. 

There are around 25 websites in India and even all over the world. For this opportunity you need at least a graduate degree in any field and teaching experience. Most of the opportunities are in simple academic subjects such as math, regional languages, english and science. 

Due to this reason there are abundant online tutors who are earning more than enough through online teaching. If you think you have knowledge and can teach, then go for it. Don’t wait anymore for how to make money online without paying anything. 


To be your own boss is an exciting earning experience. No rules, just your skills and preferences. You can check-out,,, and 

Your skills should be on your mind, then look for demands in the market, then start building your profile according to these parameters. Don’t forget to focus on one niche to highlight yourself as a specialist. For reference you can check-out other freelancers how to build your own profile and always remember taking ideas is a good thing but copying is not.


Gone are the days when people used to go out of home to search for a job. Nowadays everyone is searching for how to make money online without paying anything. 

Millions of people are using online earning methods as a side income, no matter if they have any professional degree or not. This era is about skill and will to find the opportunity and do the work. You can earn from anywhere and anytime. Tell us in the comment section, which method you liked the most? 
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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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