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Google Pins Hope on AI Tech to help Read Medical Prescriptions

Technology is sure going places and with Google announcing that its would soon use an AI-based and Machine learning related model for enabling users in identifying and highlighting of what’s written in a prescription.

Respite in sight

The difficulty of gauging what doctors prescribe is age-old. With this latest tech, the prescription will get scanned on Google Lens for highlighting what medicines have been mentioned. Latest reports mention that such assistive tech will help in digitizing of medical documents. The tech will work with the augmentation  of people in loop like pharmacists.

How far could AI go?

However, the results will not be foolproof just based on the technology conversion. This AI based tool is set to work on Google Lens and will be able to break down seemingly illegible notes.

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Google had exhibited the feature at the AI For India event. However, there is a lot of work remaining to make this nascent technology work just right. Google stated, “Much work still remains to be done before this system is ready for the real world.”

Google Lens can already identify any objects and also translate languages. Currently, the AI bit is being ramped with along with remote sensing tech. All this is being done so as to develop the right model to assist in understanding niches such as the agricultural landscape in India.

We are currently part of a world wherein datasets are undergoing a lot of experimental research, developing further capabilities, and are being honed for the future. AI stemming from OCR or Optical Character Recognition is one project, a number of tech players are keenly interested in.

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An end note

With such tech, everything would become less cumbersome, smoother and way less dependent on a mere human resource.

Google’s project is only one more step in this direction. It is already building ‘AgriStack’ plus more solutions for the agricultural ecosystem in India. Similarly, when employed medically, AI can make prescription comprehension a far less complicated process. When done the right way, technology indeed has the ability to turn around the way any sector could operate.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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