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Top 10 Best Apps for Students to Earn Money

That extra income becomes necessary when you are out of your hometown for studies. Gone are the days when someone had to complete their studies, get a degree then do a job to earn money. Thanks to the ever-growing digital industry, any student can work from the comfort of their study place. Here is a list of the top 10 best apps for students to earn money. So, hang on to start today.

What kind of work will bring money?

Not just one but there are abundant work opportunities for students to make pocket money for themselves. As a result, on average a student can make between $50 to $250, without disturbing their studies. So, Here it goes:

  • Online tutoring
  • Blogging
  • Online Sales
  • Data entry jobs
  • Survey sites
  • Social media
  • YouTube

Top 10 money-making apps for students


It’s a 2020 launched website,, from where any student can quickly start earning money. You will be amazed at the simple and user-friendly design. Its direct support and highlighted offers will make you want to start today. 

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Work is to complete surveys, lay games, signup offers, or perform chores. Till now users have earned over $19,000,000 from Freecash.

Users can immediately withdraw their money using digital currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Doge, and Ethereum from famous retailers like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox, and PlayStation. Additional withdrawal options are GO, LoL, Fortnite, and Valorant.

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Again, another that will pay you for completing surveys. After completion you will keep earning points, your answer to the questions will decide how many points you earn. At most, 2000 points can be earned in any important survey. Students can use these points to buy coupons, gift cards, or prizes. 

Your payments can be executed with Amazon gift cards, or Starbucks gift cards, directly through PayPal. Every step is simple and easy, that’s it is one of the best apps for students to earn money.


One of the quick and easy ways to earn money is Notesgen, especially for studious students. On this site, you will get paid for lecture notes. All you need to do is, share or upload thorough notes on a subject that is studied by other Notesgen users as well.

The process on this app goes like this: you upload your notes or presentations on the app > other users download your notes, and if they find them helpful > you will get paid based on how many of your notes get downloaded. 

Tip: You can upload notes which are high in demand, such as competitive exams related, this way you can make more money.


Are you an aspiring photographer, but right now are stuck in studies? This is the place for you to get a boost for your passion. With this software, students can sell their photos, get paid, and even get jobs as photographers. 

Along with making pocket money, you could also build your portfolio ready to get used after your studies. This is one of the best apps for students to earn money and get jobs.

Survey Junkie

This app does not demand extra effort, anytime you can perform surveys on this site and make money for yourself. Survey Junkie allows simple and free sign-up. 

It will take you less than a minute to register on Survey Junkie, once you are done, you are ready to take surveys, anytime, anywhere. All you need is your phone and an internet connection. 

It allows students to make money quickly and easily, that’s why it is one of the best apps for students to earn money.


If you wish to make money using 0 efforts, then this is the app for you. After downloading the app, you will get advertisements on your lock screen. All you have to do is see the advertisements and receive points in exchange. One tweak here is, users have to use the app for a year to earn a good amount of money.

Pocket Bounty

Pocket bounty offers several activities for users. You can choose to do surveys, watch movies, or download apps. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you earn coins, through which you can purchase gift cards from Amazon or Google Pay.

Job Spotter

It is not going to bring jobs for you but can make you feel like you are earning from a job. But paradoxically it will reward you for uploading job opportunities on the app. All you have to do is, find any job advertisement in your neighborhood and upload it to the application. This is how you will assist, which is its founding firm.

The number of points offered by the algorithm will depend on the job posting, it ranges from 5 to 150 points. Students can do this while hanging out in their free time, and making money side by side. Isn’t it an interesting way to earn money, who thought you could make money while on an outing? That’s why this is one of the best apps for students to earn money.

Google Opinion Rewards

Do some surveys in your free time, or let Google snoop into your life more than it usually does. That’s all Google opinion asks from you in turn of making money. Students can receive their payment via the application itself, in the form of PayPal credits or Google Play. 

The sad news is, you can not use this money to purchase anything, but yeah you can use this money on downloading books, applications, or music.


Last but not least on the list of best apps for students to earn money. This is how it works, the user shops for anything > upload the picture of the receipt to the a > now the application searches for rebates for you.

Once you reach a minimum amount of $20 decided by the a, you can bring out your cash. What could sound more delicious, who thought showing could be the way to earn money?

Bottom line

Although all of the mentioned on the list of best apps for students to earn money are easy and fun to use, as students you should do it at the risk of your studies. Make sure you choose an app that goes well either with your study routine or your fun time habits so that you don’t have to make extra time for earning money.

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