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Here Is How to Hide Whatsapp Chats Without Archive

Obviously, for some people, privacy is of utmost priority when it comes to their personal affairs or may be professional as well. Some conversations are meant to be kept private. Although there is an option to disappear chats after 24 hrs, what if you need those chats later? That’s why you are wondering how to hide WhatsApp chats without an archive. Also, unfortunately, WhatsApp chats do nor have the option to hide chats without archives but you achieve this by using third-party apps. You can use this method on both Android as well as iPhone.

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Steps to hide WhatsApp chats without archive

Though Whatsapp does not offer any specific feature for hiding chats without an archive but you can do it by installing third-party apps and locking specific apps 

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  • Go to the play store, for android an apple store iPhone
  • Download and install ‘Locker for WhatsApp chat’ in android and ‘Secure chats for WhatsApp WA’ 
  • Once installed open the apps and it will ask to set the password for the chats you wish to hide
  • Once done now it will ask to add contacts you wish to hide or lock 
  • You can add as many as contacts you wish, and it’s done. Now no one can see your private chats without entering the password


That was all about how to hide WhatsApp chat without an archive. If you wish to unhide any private chat, you can remove the contact from the same place you added to hide it. If you are ok with the archive option then you can do that also. But in that case, there are chances that other people may unarchive your chats. That’s why the former is a better option.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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