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Know How to Delete a Page in Word – Remove Blank or Extra Pages

It looks unprofessional if there are blank pages left on your word document. It may be because of uncertain section breaks, due to tables, unnecessary page breaks, maybe you hit the ENTER key more than necessary, or due to extra paragraph markers.

Once you know how to delete a page in word, you will automatically know how to remove blank or extra pages. Here is the simple step-by-step method to achieve this.

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How to delete a page in word

When in the middle of a word document

Whenever users work on large projects, it’s quite natural to end up with some blank pages in the middle of the document. Hence, it’s better to check the whole document before submission or printing it.

  • Start with the ‘CTRL + SHIFT + 8’ or the user can go to the ‘Home tab’ then hit the paragraph icon
  • Once a user uses this key combination, it will display paragraph markers (¶) at the end of each paragraph and every blank line – In short whenever the user hit the ‘Enter’ key and at the opening of the unnecessary blank page
  • Now highlight the paragraph markers using your trackpad or mouse then tap on the ‘Delete’ button. Your extra pages will be removed
  • If one or two markers still remain, remove them using the ‘Backspace’ key
  • If you have time and patience, you can remove all the blank pages, one on one by tapping the ‘Backspace’ key, until all the paragraph markers disappear

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How to Delete a Page in Word – Remove Blank or Extra Pages

When at the end of the word document

Sometimes an extra page gets added at the end of the document without your mistake. In such cases follow the further steps:

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  • Tap on the ‘View tab’
  • Go towards ‘Navigation pane’ > It will show you a sidebar having 3 tabs including, Heading, Results, and pages
  • Tap on the pages to let it show you all the pages of your document in the sidebar
  • Whatever page you are on will be automatically selected > hit on that extra blank page, and it will be selected > Now hit the delete button from your keyboard > it will be removed
  • Another way around is to simply hit the BACKSPACE key when the extra blank sPace key is at the end.


All the methods mentioned above regarding how to delete a page in a word will help you to make your document look more professional. Also, in case you are printing it, it will save you time and effort. Was it helpful? tell us in the comment section.

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Palak Sharma
Palak Sharma
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