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Microsoft Could Soon be Able to Track and Influence Gamers’ Emotions

Microsoft is taking a giant leap by investing in machine learning technologies to track and influence the emotions of gamers while they are playing. It is also on the road to acquiring Activision Blizzard which is a leading game developer.

Patent filed recently

It is nothing new to know that Microsoft always makes substantial investments in the R&D of video games and related technologies. The company filed a patent recently to verify physical games for Xbox Digital Library.

The tech conglomerate is contemplating filing the patent for a system that would monitor the feelings and emotions of gamers in real-time to offer them a more positive gaming experience.

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The patent would employ complex machine-learning algorithms and heuristics to modify the gaming experience by influencing the emotions of gamers. The company would build on the current practice utilized by developers through background music, threats, loot, and NPC behavior to induce definite feelings in gamers.

More details

The proposal suggests game-agnostic and engine-agnostic techniques to improve the player’s experience using machine learning algorithms for NLP (Natural Language Processing) based on earlier game events. The game events could be produced by the player like pressing a combination of controls or a particular button and making other in-game choices.

By using an API (Application Programming Interface) to link specific letters, numbers, phrases, or words to particular game events, developers know to translate game events into text strings.

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The above figure shows a block illustration of a system for processing games that let coordinating game selections by employing a semantic NLP machine learning algorithm.

In some systems, the mapping is kept in a text log or table comprising a series of text strings corresponding to game events happening during the game. According to the patent by Microsoft, the text strings are added to the text log once the corresponding game event happens.

One or more curves represent the target player’s experiences related to the game’s progress. Curves can define different experiences like intensity, calm, good luck, bad luck, and ideas like victorious or failure.

Future prediction

As per gaming experts, the finalization of the patent would pave the road to a new kind of reward system in the world of video games. The new system would be influenced by the feelings and reactions of gamers during the games and the rewards would be designed on the information collected following the pattern.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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