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ChatGPT Sails through Wharton MBA Exam, AI on a Roll

ChatGPT has been in news for so much more than just its features. Some deem the bot as a precurssor to the end of  human involvement in so many things of the future. Some have been hailing the bot as a boon. Whatever your stand, you might be blown away with news that ChatGPT has cleared an exam paper set from a Wharton Professor’s end.

Unimaginable as that might sound, this has sent bells ringing across the tech world that is yet to be sure what stance to take on the abilities of this AI bot.

The exam and its bot taker

The professor who set the paper is part of University of Pennsylvania, specifically the Wharton School. He had wanted to find out about the level of intelligence the chatbot GPT-3 had within.

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Christian Terwiesch, the author of this research paper titled “Would Chat GPT3 Get a Wharton MBA? A Prediction Based on Its Performance in the Operations Management Course,” revealed that the bot scored a B- and a B in this exam.

This can be taken as display of remarkable ability for automating few skills in highly compensated workers as well as in knowledge workers holding MBA degrees such as jobs of an analyst, manager and consultant.

Latest AI tech bot ChatGPT has been questiining human creativity post having done a great job with ops management and process analysis related questions. Not to forget, the bog successfully answered questions from case studies.

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There have also been instances that show how good ChatGPT is at modifying answers, in revert to human hints.

Terwiesch’s statements and findings come at a time when educators are increasingly concerned about AI chatbots being a step up into cheating. Although these bots are not anything exclusively new, ChatGPT had found lots of social media buzz since late 2022. The Department of Education in New York had also announced ban on this ChatGPT from school devices and related networks.

Huge debate has sparked around the bot’s conversational style and well fleshed, coherent, topical responses. Industry experts in artificial intelligence as well as education tend to acknowledge how bots such as ChatGPT might turn i to a detriment for education in future.

GPT-3 model that passed Wharton test is an earlier form of the ChatGPT latest version.

Summing up

While the ChatGPT results stood out as impressive, Terwiesch stated how Chat GPT3 “at times makes surprising mistakes in relatively simple calculations at the level of 6th grade Math.” Chat GPT might not be capable “of handling more advanced process analysis questions, even when they are based on fairly standard templates..” Terwiesch further stated

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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