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Easy Steps to Change a Microsoft Account on Windows 10

It can be difficult to switch a primary account on Windows. Because all preferences, personal data, and account information are linked with it. One cannot modify a Windows Account via the Windows Account settings. It does not include how to change a Microsoft account on windows 10, which can be highly aggravating sometimes. 

Some of the reasons for updating or changing a Microsoft account information on your computer include:

  • You purchased a used computer, and the previous owner failed/forgot to format it.
  • You have a double life and various occupations that require you to check in to different accounts.
  • You are an advanced user, hobbyist, or developer who enjoys tinkering.
  • You want to use two OneDrive accounts to make the most of the free storage space.

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Change a Microsoft account to a local account and likewise 

For those who are unfamiliar, one could create two different kinds of accounts on Windows-powered computers. Users have the option of creating a local or Microsoft account. 

A local account is one that only requires a username and password. Additionally, one can remove the password after words. Microsoft information never leaves the computer or syncs with another Windows device. Nothing is uploaded or synced, and it only exists on one device. Some Microsoft apps, such as Store, Skype, and others, won’t work or be able to be downloaded without a Microsoft account. 

On the contrary, a Microsoft account will synchronise your data across devices and save it to Microsoft’s servers in the cloud.

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Change to the local account

Follow the given steps to change to a local account:

  • To access Settings, press Windows key+I and then select Accounts.
  • To begin, select the ‘Sign in using a local account instead’ option.
  • To confirm, click the Next button. Now, input your Microsoft Account credentials to validate.
  • Now, for the Local user account, enter your user name and password and click Next. 
  • Leave the password area blank if you do not wish to use a password.
  • Once everything is in place, simply click the Sign-Out and Finish buttons.
  • You will be returned to the Sign-In Screen, where you can now log in with your new Local User Account.

Change to the Microsoft account 

Follow the following steps to change a local account to a Microsoft account:

  • In Windows, navigate to the menu Click on Settings, then Accounts.
  • Select the Sign in with a Microsoft Account link instead.
  • Type the login information for the Microsoft account you want to use as your primary account and click Next.
  • If you have a two-factor authentication set, you must pick how to verify Login.
  • Enter the Microsoft verification code and then your current Local Account Password that you created earlier.
  • If you don’t have a PIN, Windows will offer you to set one up; if you do, click Next and enter the PIN.
  • You have now successfully changed from your Local User Account to your Microsoft Account.

Link Microsoft account with the email and phone number

Many people desire to modify the sign-in email and phone number associated with their Microsoft account. You don’t have to sign up for a new account to do that. One can add up to 10 email addresses and phone numbers to the same account as “aliases” without having to make a new account for each one. Alternatively, users can designate the new ID as the “primary” one and delete the old one. 

Follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • To add a new contact number or email address to your Microsoft account, go to the Account aliases section of your account settings.
  • If you don’t already have an Outlook account and wish to make one, select the first option; if you already have one, select the second option if you’re already signed up with another email service, such as Gmail.

One should be aware that aliases cannot be transferred from one Microsoft account to another. Aliases are also not recoverable. If users delete an alias in one Microsoft account, it will be permanently removed from Microsoft servers. consequently, no one will be able to use it in another Microsoft account.

Final verdict 

Now you know how to change a Microsoft account on Windows 10. Apart from this, Microsoft offers many Windows 10 management options. Unlike Windows 7, one could use a local or Microsoft account, giving additional possibilities. We suggest considering your choices. As a result, you won’t have to toggle between different accounts and preferences as often. 

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