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Upcoming Games on Xbox for this Week

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The games list of Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One for 2023 is quite amazing. After the reveals at the Games Awards 2022, all the months are looking pretty exciting. Along with a lot of Xbox exclusives, there are plenty of third-party releases as well. Here is a roundup of the releases between the 9th and 13th of January 2023.

For Xbox Series X|S

Children of Silentown– It is releasing on January 11th. This is a dark adventure game. It is about a girl called Lucy, who is growing up in a village deep inside a forest that is inhabited by monsters.

Chasing Static– This one is inspired by the 80s sci-fi horror along with contemporary surrealistic movies. Releasing on January 12th, it offers a unique spin on the narrative adventure genre with non-linear exploration and innovative audio-driven gameplay.

Breakers Collection– Releasing on January 12th, it features both the original games along with new content for the arcades and Neo Geo.

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One Piece Odyssey– This game is about Luffy who washed up on a lush tropical island encircled by intense storms after getting separated from his crew. The gameplay shows him embarking on a grand new adventure to locate his acquaintances and ultimately escape the island. It is coming out on January 12th.

Upcoming Games on Xbox for this Week 1

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot– With this one, you can relive the Dragon Ball Z saga. Getting released on January 13th, it comes with enhanced graphics and 60fs.

For Xbox One

Children of Silentown, Chasing Static, and Breakers Collection is also releasing for Xbox One along with Xbox Series X|S on the same dates. Additionally, the following is being released for Xbox One:

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UnderDungeon- It is about a cat called Kimuto who has to face the unforgiving world of work. His first day at work would need him to face monsters and fight with them with and against multiple weapons. There are demanding boss fights as well. It would release on January 13th.

NEScape!– This game looks and feels like an 8-bit retro game with present-day elements of escape rooms. It is being released on January 13th.

Although there is no information about the Xbox Game Pass titles available with us for this week, chances are Microsoft would announce some games within the next few days.

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