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How to Use Xbox Controller through Steam Link?

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The global gaming industry is predicted to reach a market cap of more than $139.5 billion by the end of 2026. Believe it or not, we live in the golden age of gaming. 

Xbox drives a considerable fan base among gamers owing to its wide range of features and compatibility. However, Xbox controllers are used to enjoying games via computer without using a keyboard or mouse. Usually, Xbox controllers are operated using a USB cable or a wireless adapter. 

However, are you also searching google for ‘how to use Xbox controller through the steam link’? This is a standard search due to the dynamic evolution and new launches happening in the gaming industry. 

Steam link is one such latest launch in the gaming sector. 

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If you want to use Xbox through the steam link, then read on our blog as we have shed some light on this topic. 

What is a steam link?

Initially launched as hardware, Steam link is an app that enhances your gaming experience by allowing gamers to stream steam games from their PC onto other devices. This app can be used with a wireless connection using a robust internet connection. 

Using this app means that gamers can play games from the steam library even whilst they are away from their house. 

Why is steam link popular among gamers?

Steam link is a popular app among gamers due to the following reasons:

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  1. Remote play together feature 

Steam link supports a remote play-together feature that allows gamers to invite anyone to join their game via the steam link app. So all you have to do is invite your friends and wait for them to accept your invitation. 

  1. Supports all devices 

Apart from allowing friends to come together and play together, steam link also allows gamers to join from tablets, PC, smartphones, and laptops. This means anyone can enjoy games from the comfort of their house or while they are on the go. 

  1. Extended sharing capabilities 

The steam play has some inbuilt capabilities players can share their videos, audio, and voice while they are streaming together. In fact, they can also share their mouse and keyboard. (we know it’s impressive!)  

How to use Xbox controller through steam link? Step-By-Step guide 

  1. Download Steam Link 
  2. Launch it on your device and start it. 
  3. Now go to the options and click on Bluetooth. 
  4. Now press the Xbox button on the Xbox controller to get it started. 
  5. On the back of the Xbox controller, there will be a sync button; click on it. 
  6.  Wait for a few seconds. Gradually the Xbox controller will appear on the Bluetooth list of the steam link app. 
  7. Now with the help of another device, access the Xbox controller’s settings and connect it to the device. 
  8. Viola! Your Xbox controller has become wireless.  

Note: In case the steam link and Xbox controller both turn off, you can resume playing by pressing the Xbox controller. 

Wrapping up! 

Xbox has a fantastic collection of games, and Xbox controllers have become a popular choice among gamers. We hope we were able to solve your ‘ how to use Xbox controller through steam link’ query. 

Follow the steps that we have mentioned and enjoy hassle-free wireless streaming of games. In addition, we at Tech Thirsty regularly put out the latest content on the gaming industry; therefore, stay tuned to our blogs!

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