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How to use Discord voice chat on Xbox one?

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Xbox users have long been yearning to chat with their Discord friends on their Xbox One console. The popular gaming console comes with its own voice chat feature. However, Discord has emerged as a more popular alternative.
After the initial testing phase, Microsoft had launched Discord support for on all Xbox models from Xbox One to Xbox Series S and X on September 13, 2022. If you are planning to link Discord with your Xbox, you have come to the right place. We have brought you a dummy’s guide to connect your two accounts using mobile application.

Link Xbox and Discord accounts with mobile app

  1. Create a new account or login using an existing one on the Discord app.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Tap on the connections button >> Tap on continue
  4. Enter the Microsoft username and password to sign in to your Xbox account (if you had not already signed in to the Xbox app). Once you’re signed in, you’ll be sent to the next step.
  5. Tapon authorize >> Tap continue to complete the setup
  6. Tap on the add button at the top of your screen
  7. Tap on the Xbox option >> Tap on “Get Started

Congratulations, you are past the first phase. You have linked your Xbox and Discord accounts.

Steps to use Discord voice chat on Xbox One

Note: Even if Xbox and Discord accounts are now linked, you must sign in to the Xbox app to access the Discord voice chat feature on your Xbox One

  1. Open the Discord app >> Tap on the voice chat channel that you want to connect to
  2. Tap on the try voice chat button on the bottom of your Xbox One console screen
  3. Tap join on Xbox for voice chat or Tap join voice to connect to the Discord call via phone
  4. Tap transfer voice on Xbox to complete the process

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We hope you found our guide helpful, leave your feedback in the comments below and subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest tech updates. But before you leave, the Xbox Support Team suggests a couple of things to keep in mind as you connect Discord with Xbox:

  • Discord voice chat isn’t available in all countries.
  • You cannot broadcast Discord voice channel audio through Xbox live streaming.
  • You cannot switch between various Discord voice channels on the Xbox console. Retransfer audio from Discord to switch to a new voice channel.
  • Find Discord friends on its voice channel and Xbox friends on the party chat. Sorry buddy, but can’t mix the two lists yet!
  • You cannot access some of the Xbox party chat features (like viewing profile card, party overlay,  join game, invite everyone and switching to game chat) on the Discord voice channels

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