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How to Find Instagram by Phone Number in 2023?

We have been spending a lot of time on Instagram. Are you? With social media having infiltrated into our lives, having an Instagram account seems customary in 2023. Here is a sneak peek into how to find Instagram by phone number in 2023. 

Not all IG handles come with the same username as someone’s original name. So how do you go about and find Instagram accounts online? Well, try using the phone number folks!

How to find someone on Instagram by phone number?

You cannot find the right profile unless you know the exact username that the person has used on Instagram. Although there is an inbuilt feature that lets you search manually via name, that is not a fool proof way of locating someone.

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This is especially true when your search turns in multiple matches and the profile picture is not very clear. Remember, that the Instagram profile picture is not zoom-able.

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You still can try looking up each profile and see if you have good luck locating someone you want. You may also look up mutual contact lists to verify if you have landed up on the right contact. Then again, these methods are cumbersome and not very smart to follow.

Do you have a contact number?

If you have a contact number of a friend or someone you need to find on Instagram in 2023, you can make use of the Contact Sync feature. Your smartphone’s list of contacts will automatically sync with the account you have on Instagram. You will begin to see the recommendations on your phone according to whoever is available on Instagram.

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Once you enable Contact Sync, Instagram will keep syncing from time to time by accessing your phone’s list of contacts. You can also get hands on new contacts on Instagram. There are ways to delete synced contacts too.

Here is a guide that will help you enable contact sync on Instagram to help find someone on Instagram by phone number from the phone’s contact list-

  • Open Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Click on your profile. Click the profile picture from navigation menu available at the bottom right area.
find instagram by phone number 2022 5
  • Go to menu. Click the parallel lines on top-right. This is called the hamburger button.
  • Click Discover people to access a new menu. Click on Discover people at bottom.
find instagram by phone number 2022 2
  • Click Connect. You can also click on Connect to Facebook to sync Instagram with the former.
find instagram by phone number 2022 3
  • Allow access to access. Confirm. This will begin your contact syncing process.
find instagram by phone number 2022 4
  • Once done, Instagram will scout all accounts linked with any phone number linked to your contacts.

This saves your contacts on the servers of Instagram. Periodic updates will keep happening, as mentioned earlier.

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What if you do not find the right contact on Instagram?

There could be a multitude of reasons why you couldn’t locate your contact via phone number, on Instagram.

Perhaps, your contact is just not registered on Instagram. These could be another phone number linked to the contact you are looking for. Double check if you have the right contact number before you go on to find someone on Instagram using phone number.


1. Are there alternatives to find someone on Instagram without a phone number?

Yes, you can search for Facebook friends directly on Instagram.

Open Instagram. Go to your own profile. Click the hamburger button and click Discover People. Tap the Connect to Facebook tab. Once done, refresh Discover People suggestions and access all Facebook friends on Instagram.

2. Is there a way to find an Instagram account using a phone number without saving it to my contacts?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide a direct search feature to find accounts using phone numbers if they are not saved in your contacts. You will need to save the phone number to your contact list and use the “Discover People” feature as described above.

 3.  Is it possible to find someone’s phone number using their Instagram account?

Instagram does not display users’ phone numbers publicly. Therefore, you cannot directly find someone’s phone number using their Instagram account. However, if the user has shared their contact information in their profile bio or posts, you might be able to find it that way.

4. Can someone find my Instagram account using my phone number without my permission?

If you have connected your phone number to your Instagram account, someone who has your phone number saved in their contact list can potentially find your account using the “Discover People” feature. To maintain your privacy, you can disconnect your phone number from your account by going to your profile settings, selecting “Personal Information,” and removing your phone number.

Try these ways to find Instagram by phone number in 2023 and connect with those you want to.

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