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How To Earn Money from Facebook

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Facebook, a social media giant! It was recently renamed as Meta. We have always used Facebook for our entertainment purpose. Whenever we hear the word Facebook, all we think about Is socialising, posting, updating, sharing, etc.

Useful if taken advantage of and waste of time if not used productively. Someone has rightly said, “Technology is either a boon or a curse, depending on how you use them”. Here, we will tell you about the major advantage of using Facebook.

You can earn money by using Facebook, yes!!   You read it right. Now, the question is ‘how to earn money from Facebook’? What can be more exciting than using the same platform you use for entertainment, for earning money as well. In this article we will tell you how you can earn money using Facebook.

Ways of earning money through Facebook

  • Promote your own business and products

The easiest way to earn money through Facebook is by selling your products. You just need to make good connections and add them on Facebook. Once you have a huge audience, make a page or group for the products you want to sell or business you want to promote.

Earn Money from Facebook 1

Keep updating the details of the product according to public interest. Once they start buying from you your work becomes easy. If you own a store or a shop you profit will be doubled. You have a new platform to sell and promote.

  • Affiliate marketing

Another popular way of earning money through Facebook is affiliate marketing. It is a type of marketing in which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for sales or traffic generated from its referral.

Being an affiliate marketer, you will just have to introduce others to products and services. Post a link on your Facebook wall, which will have a code and embedded affiliate id. Once posted, every time someone clicks on the link the company will pay you the commission. Sounds cool, right? Go ahead and start making your own money.

  • By selling likes

Facebook is all about getting likes, the more likes you get the more popular you are. Due to this every person on Facebook look forward for more and more likes. Likes are sold on Facebook for a certain amount and there are people who buy them.

So, it’s quite simple to earn by selling likes. Just buy them from someone else and sell it to your client at a profitable price.

  • Social media influencer

Social media influencer is a person who has a larger audience or huge    number of followers on social media. An influencer has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of people. This happens because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with the audience.

Now, how these influencers earn money?

For the promotions, companies always lookout for people with big fan following. The companies then ask them to promote their products on their social sites.  Any platform like Facebook, Instagram, can be used for the same.

You get paid for doing so.

  • Earn through Fb live stream

All Facebook users knows that it has a feature of live stream. We usually use this to tell people about the new places we visit, new activities we are doing. But now this fun activity can also help you make money, you just need to be more productive.

Listed below are the ways you get to earn during a live stream

Run ads during your live stream

The streamers have an option of taking break during the live stream. During this break, you can play certain ads which can help you to earn as well.

Earn Money from Facebook 2

But unfortunately, you need to have more than 50,000 followers for the same with 300 or more concurrent viewers.

Fan donations

When we see live streams, we notice there are coins or stars that can be sent to the streamer. For sending these we need to buy them first by spending money.

The streamers get these coins in the form of money. Great way to earn!

Pay per view/subscriptions

The pay per view model asks fans to pay a certain amount to unlock access to an item creator’s “hidden” live content. This content is unique and special than the open content. Similarly, a subscription gives access to all creator’s exclusive content for a period. Subscriptions are essentially scheduled monthly donations.

Here is the answer to your question “how to earn money from Facebook”? We have picked few easy ways of earning money through Facebook for you. Just don’t scroll Facebook but make use of it and earn money.

Feel free to reach out to us for more such information.

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