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How to Delete Incognito History on Android?

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In today’s digital age, ensuring our online activities secure and private has become more important than ever. We all have our reasons for browsing incognito, whether it’s researching a surprise birthday gift, looking up sensitive health issues, or exploring a new hobby. But did you know that even in incognito mode, your browsing history may not be as well-hidden as you think? 

Well that’s why we have mentioned step-by-step process on how to delete incognito history on android. Therefore, buckle up and let’s get started!

How to Delete Incognito History on Android?

If you want to delete your incognito history on android, follow these simple steps. This method applies to Google Chrome and can be adapted for other browsers as well.

1. Launch Google Chrome

First, open the Google Chrome app on your mobile device. If you need to delete the incognito history from another browser, make sure that you open that particular browser.

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2. Type “chrome://net-internals/#dns” in the address bar

Once your browser is open, type “chrome://net-internals/#dns” in the address bar and press Enter. This will display the DNS query page.

3. Select “Clear host cache” to remove the DNS cache

On the DNS query page, look for the “Clear Host Cache” button. Tapping this button will allow you to clear the DNS cache, which will clear your mobile device’s incognito browsing history.

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4. Close Google Chrome and restart it

After you clear the host cache, exit the Google Chrome app. When you open the browser again, your incognito browsing history will be deleted successfully.

If you follow these simple instructions, you can remove Incognito browsing history from your mobile device quickly and efficiently, whether you use a smartphone or a tablet. 

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How to Delete Incognito History on iPhone?

Delete incognito browsing history on iPhone effortlessly with these steps:

  • Open your iPhone’s Control Center by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen.
  •  To open the Control Center on the iPhone, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Activate airplane mode by tapping the airplane icon. This will temporarily disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular connections while clearing the DNS cache.
  • Use Airplane Mode to clear the DNS cache and delete incognito browsing records.
  •  Deactivate Airplane Mode by tapping the Airplane icon again so that you can use the phone normally. To continuously clear the incognito history on your iPhone, follow these instructions if needed.

Wrapping up! 

We’ve demystified a step-by-step guide on how to delete incognito history on android, empowering you to take control of your privacy and maintain the confidentiality of your online activities.However, remember, the key to maintaining your privacy lies in being proactive and staying informed about the ever-evolving digital security trends. 

So, keep exploring, stay curious, and most importantly, stay safe! And as always, feel free to share this valuable information with your friends and loved ones, because after all, privacy is a fundamental right we all deserve.

Happy browsing!


1. Can I delete the incognito history on my Android device?

Incognito mode on Android devices is designed to not store any browsing history, cookies, or site data. Once you close all incognito tabs, the browsing information is automatically deleted, and there’s no need to delete incognito history manually.

2. How do I close incognito tabs on my Android device?

 To close incognito tabs on your Android device, follow these steps:

3. Is there any way to recover the incognito history on my Android device?

 Incognito mode is designed to not store any browsing history or data. Once you close your incognito tabs, the information is automatically deleted, and there is no built-in way to recover that browsing history on your Android device.

4. Can my internet service provider (ISP) see my incognito browsing history?

Incognito mode does not make your browsing activity invisible to your ISP, employer, or the websites you visit. It only prevents your browsing history from being saved on your device. Your ISP, employer, or the websites you visit may still be able to track your browsing activity.

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