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How to Spam Text with Shortcuts iOS 14?

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Have you ever found yourself in a heated text battle or late night conversation with friends where you just couldn’t keep up? Or maybe you just want to annoy your friends to become the ultimate texting ninja? Well, your prayers have been answered! Explore our exciting blog on how to spam text with shortcuts iOS 14!

Now before you get all excited: We’re not trying to incite bad behavior or cyberbullying here. This post is for educational purposes only and for those moments when you want to liven up your conversations with something fun. 

So buckle up, take out your iPhone, and get ready to have your texting game revolutionized. We’ll show you step-by-step how to spam text with shortcuts on iOS 14. 

Let the games begin!

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How can I create a shortcut for sending text messages on iOS 14?

 Follow these steps to create a shortcut for sending a text message:

1. Open the Shortcuts app.

2. Tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner.

3. Select “Add action” and search for “Send message”

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4. Select the “Send Message” action.

5. Customize the recipient, message, and other settings as desired.

6. Tap “Next” and give your shortcut a name.

7. Tap “Done” to save the shortcut.

How To Spam Text With Shortcuts iOS 14?

1. Download the Bee Movie Spam shortcut

First of all, download the Bee Movie Spam shortcut to your iPhone. This download is free via iCloud, but your device must have iOS 12 or later installed for it to be compatible. On your iPhone, click the link below and tap “Get Shortcut” to add it to your shortcut library.

2. Send the Bee Movie script to a contact

Once Bee Movie Spam is on your device, open the Shortcuts app, navigate to the My Shortcuts tab, and tap the “Bee Movie Spam” shortcut. Your contact list will be displayed. Select a contact to send the Bee Movie script to.

Please note that not all contacts are compatible with this shortcut. It will not work for contacts who only use regular text messages (without iMessage). In this case, the message “Invalid recipients” will be displayed.

After you select a contact, the Bee Movie Spam shortcut automatically sends each line of the Bee Movie script in turn. The shortcut continues to run in the background until it is finished. To stop it, go to the Shortcuts app and tap the “Bee Movie Spam” shortcut.

3. Customize the shortcut to send different messages (optional)

If you prefer to send a different text instead of the whole Bee Movie script, you can easily customize the shortcut. Open the Shortcuts app and tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Bee Movie Spam shortcut for more details.

Scroll down to find the “Text” section. Delete the Bee Movie script text and enter a text of your choice. Each sentence is sent as a separate text message, so use periods to create new sentences. In the example below, the script has been replaced with multiple “Hey” messages, all separated by dots. Tap “Done” in the upper right corner when you are done.


And there you have it folks! We’ve reached the end of the blog on how to spam text with shortcuts iOS 14. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility, so use your SMS shortcuts wisely and always with good humor.

Stay tuned for more exciting and entertaining blog posts about all things tech! And, as always, don’t forget to share your thoughts, experiences, and epic texting battles in the comments below. 

Happy texting!


1. What is the Shortcuts app on iOS 14?

The Shortcuts app in iOS 14 is a powerful tool that lets you create custom shortcuts, automate tasks, and simplify repetitive actions on your iPhone or iPad. It integrates with various apps and system features to make your life easier.

2.Can I use the Shortcuts app to spam text messages?

Although the Shortcuts app can be used to automate various tasks, we do not recommend using it to send spam messages, as this violates the terms of service of most messaging platforms and can be considered harassment. Please use the Shortcuts app responsibly and respect the privacy of others. 

3. How can I schedule text messages with the Shortcuts app?

The Shortcuts app does not support scheduling text messages out of the box. However, you can use third-party apps, such as Scheduled or AutoSender, to schedule text messages on your iPhone or iPad.

4. Can I use the Shortcuts app to send text messages to multiple recipients at once?

Yes, you can send a text message to multiple recipients using the Shortcuts app. When setting up the “Send Message” action, tap the “Recipients” field and add multiple comma-separated contacts or phone numbers. Remember that it is important to use this feature responsibly and not send unwanted messages to others.

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