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An Outright Guide on how to Change Instagram name before 14 Days?


Millions of people use Instagram, the most widely used social networking service, to communicate with others on a global scale. The most frequently asked question among Instagram users right now is how to change Instagram name before 14 days. Read ahead and learn to change your Instagram name without having to wait for 14 days. 

Why these rules?

To avoid identity theft, this feature was implemented. Many users alter their usernames and profile names to appear to be someone else. 

The con artists are cunning; there are numerous reports of scams on Instagram where perpetrators attempted to steal money from numerous users by impersonating well-known figures. 

What would you do if someone offered you a refund on Instagram the day after you bought a product and claimed they sent you a defective or broken item? 

You would love to receive the money and the free product, but the con artists would demand payment of cancellation fees before stealing your money and fleeing. 

Is it feasible to change Instagram name within 14 days? 

There are very few opportunities to change your Instagram name without waiting 14 days. In accordance with the new policy, which was implemented in 2019, one must wait for fourteen days. On Instagram, the username and the name are distinct. However. We got you covered!

We’ve outlined a few straightforward steps in this article that have helped a lot of users solve this problem.

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Methods of how to change Instagram name before 14 Days

This article brings you some of the methods to change your Instagram name. It is noteworthy that there is no absolute assurance. Nonetheless, these methods have worked food most of the users. 

1. Remove your name

Removing or deleting the profile authentic name is a solution. It does not sound right but it works. Just remove every single detail from the account name icon and save the modifications that you have made to the account.

Since people cannot replicate this way so it is now permitted to delete your account name entirely from the settings.  If you have already edited your name to something cringe then you have the option to delete the account name and hold the edit name option for 14 days of time duration to modify it again. 

 2. Deactivate and reactivate

 The second thing that you can do is to close your account for a specific duration, let’s say for at least 24 hours of the time period. When you can again change your name, activate it once more. You could not explore any way to shut your account on the application menu itself, the link to deactivate is not present. 

Observe these steps that help to close your IG account

 1.  Since you are not able to shut or delete your account from the app menu you need to login to Instagram on a web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox. 

 2.  Log in to the Website Version of your Instagram and move to the “Edit Profile“menu. 

 3.  Scroll down at the bottom and there is a way to temporarily close your insta account. 

 4.  Pick up the reason why you want to deactivate your account. 

 Now, hold down for at least 24 hours before logging back again. This trick has functioned for some people as disclosed on the various forum. This is one of the most worked answer to how to change Instagram name before 14 days. 

 3. VPN applications

 Instagram is globally used and secure application, users get a login alert to the mail and phone number if it tracks any unusual happenings. Users can take benefit of this security alerts to protect their account and finally bypassing the security measures to change Instagram name again. 

 The process is simple 

 1.  Logout of Instagram from your device. 

2.  Download a VPN application on your mobile phone from the play store or app store. 

 3.  If you are having an Android phone then go to the “Settings” bar then select the “Applications” search for the Insta application and remove all the data and cache. 

 4.  Connect the VPN server to other powerful countries like USA, UK. 

 5.  Try to log in using the username and the incorrect credentials.  Try it a couple of times.  And then close the application for some time. 

 6.  Open any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and go to Instagram.com and log in with the correct credentials.  The VPN should be connected to the login that you have provided.

 7.  If you are accessing Instagram through computer then, open your mailbox on it.  Or alternatively you can open the email on a mobile phone after closing the VPN application. 

 You will get a security email alert about unusual login attempt from Instagram help team.

  •  Click on the “Secure your account option” link in your mailbox. 
  •  After that, you would be enquired to update your password as a preventive measure.  Create a new password and Instagram support team will ask you to review your account details including name and email.
  •  After updating the password and credentials you need to observe the changes done to the account. Tap on “Review Profile” option and another page will appear to the screen. The page will disclose “For your security, we’ve changed some of your profile details.  Please monitor your account to make assure that all the information there is authentic”. 
  •  Once you check all your account activities, you will get the option to edit your profile name and other details.  Now, modify back the name from there and save the alterations made to the account. 
  •  This may give back your old user name that you were looking to have. 

VPN method also functioned pretty well for some people, it is critically impacted on some other forces like the threat of origin, nation, modifications done in the profile, etc. 

Now you know how to change your Instagram name before 14 days. 

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