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Delhi Metro Passengers Can Now Use QR Code Paper Ticket- Method and rules of Using

The passengers of DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) can use the recently launched QR code paper tickets from now on. This is an alternative to the existing smart cards and tokens. The organization has even modified all the counters and gates to scan the QR codes as well as to collect the fares. The QR ticketing system was under trial till now.

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DMRC said there are two gates at every station for entry and exit that accept QR paper tickets. They have plans to make all the ticket machines and gates compatible with QR code paper tickets by June.

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Method of using the QR code paper ticket

  • Buy a QR code paper ticket from the ticket counter or the ticket vending machine at the station you want to start your journey from.
  • Scan the QR code within 60 minutes of the purchase at the entry gate. You cannot enter from any other station than the one you bought the ticket from
  • If you do not use the ticket within 60 minutes of purchasing, the ticket would become invalid and you would need to buy a new one
  • Scan the ticket at the exit gate of your destination station

Authority speaks

Delhi Metro said, “The concept of issuing tokens will be gradually phased out with the introduction of these more transparent and human intervention free and cashless mechanisms thereby facilitating more convenient, seamless, time saving and error free travel for its passengers.”

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Rules of using the QR code paper ticket

  • You can buy a ticket for a specific pair of stations, that is from one station to another station.
  • You need to exit from the same station as you mentioned to be your destination while buying the ticket.
  • If you want to exit from an earlier station, you need to get a free exit ticket from the customer care executive at the ticket counter by giving them your QR code paper ticket.
  • If you wish to exit from a later station than the mentioned destination station, you need to pay extra to balance the difference to the customer care operator at the ticket counter. They would give you an exit ticket while keeping your existing ticket.
  • You are not allowed to use a photocopy or phone image of a QR code paper ticket. This would be considered invalid and you shall be penalized as per DMRC rules

Future plans

Delhi Metro is planning to introduce mobile QR code tickets by the end of May. This shall make traveling by Delhi Metro easier, faster, and more convenient. The riders would no longer need to spend time buying physical tickets at the counters or ticket machines.

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