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How to Add 360 Degree Photo on Facebook

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360 degree photos are so much in trend nowadays. Everyone is flexing their photography skills to the places they visit. Of Course there is nothing wrong in following the trend and living a modern life. If you are also one of those modern people but do not know how to add 360 degree photos on Facebook? Then here is a simple guide for you all.

Add 360 degree photo on Facebook using Android

If you have your photo already on your phone, you can begin posting from there only. But if it is on your desktop. Then first, you have to transfer the photo to your phone.

Add 360 Degree Photo on Facebook 1

How to transfer your photo from desktop to android

  • Use the USB to connect your system with your phone.
  • Copy the selected photo to Camera/DCIM (you will see photo in your gallery)
  • If you are interested in cloud sharing then > upload the photo in Google Drive 
  • Then Download from Drive to your device.

Once you have the 360 degree photo in your gallery, there are two ways to upload it on Facebook

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Directly from Phone Gallery

You can post only one 360 degree photo through this method. In case you tried posting more than one, then they all will be changed into equirectangular form. Follow the following steps:

  • Open your 360 degree photo in your gallery app.
  • If it shows “view 360 photo” > Click on ‘share’. (in case it is not showing view 360, then you need to correct your 360 Metadata)
  • Choose ‘Facebook News Feed’ (where you will post the photo)
  • See the photo before posting (is it in 360 degree, if not then again you need to correct your 360 Metadata)
  • Now proceed and hit on ‘post’ button and you are done

Additional information: In case you wish to share 360 photos to any group or page. Then, click on the drop down icon on the top of the News Feed. There will be options to post it to your page or group.

From mobile browser Chrome

You can upload more than one 360 degree photos through a mobile browser. Log in to your Facebook account through the chrome browser on your Android phone. Then follow the following steps:

  • Choose a 360 degree photo you want to post > Tap on share
  • Before posting see if your photo shows 360 degree symbol (that means Facebook has recognized your photo as 360 degree photo)
  • If yes, Then hit the ‘post’ button

Add 360 Degree photo on Facebook using iPhone

First, Make sure your photo is on your iPhone or iPad. If not, then transfer the photo from your desktop to your iPhone or iPad. Later on there are two ways you can post it on Facebook.

  • Using Facebook App
  • Open your Facebook App > Go to create new post
Add 360 Degree Photo on Facebook 3
  • Click on ‘Photo’ > choose your 360 photo you want to post (photo should be in 360 view)
Add 360 Degree Photo on Facebook 4
  • Hit on the ‘Post’ button and you are done
Add 360 Degree Photo on Facebook 5
  • Using Safari Browser
  • Log in to Facebook using Safari Browser
  • Go to create new post > choose your 360 degree photo
  • Check for 360 degree symbol on the photo
  • If yes, then hit ‘Post’ button

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What if Facebook 360 Photos do not upload?

After 2020 almost everyone is facing some issue while posting their 360 degree photo on Facebook. Before 2020 Facebook used to recognize every 360 degree photo. But afterwards due to certain internal changes in Facebook. Now, there are certain conditions in image resolution which apply every time you try to upload 360 degree photo on Facebook.

What is the latest resolution limit for 360 degree photo

Latest resolution limit for 360 degree photos on Facebook is 128mp that is 16,000 x 8,000. In case you try to upload a 16k photo then there is a possibility. That, it may or may not change. Hence 12k is a safe resolution range. If you want to be sure of your 360 degree photo.

Note: On some screens, a 360 degree photo cannot maximize to full display. If this is the case, then try to switch the display to 4K. And the image will maximize to its full size.

Add 360 Degree Photo on Facebook 2

Fix the Metadata for 360 degree photo

You can fix the Metadata using a reliable website NadirPatch. Here you only have to upload your 360 degree photo in JPG format. Within no time it will give you the same photograph with correct Metadata. Download the new file and it’s ready to post on Facebook.

Note: Before you post the photo on Facebook, make sure Facebook has recognized it as 360 degree. Same way open your Facebook > click on create a post (but don’t post the photo) > go to your draft section > check the uploaded photo > If it has a 360 degree logo (circled below in magenta). Then yes, your photo is in 360 degree and you can post it on Facebook.

Try on Desktop

Sometimes a photo may equirectangular before you post it. If you wish to try, you can post and see how it is published. It may end up as a 360 degree photo. If still results are not favorable then follow the following steps on desktop:

  • Open the mobile version of the Facebook on your system
  • Enter m.facebook.com in the URL section (or you can tap F12 on Google Chrome, then tap on the mobile icon)
  • When mobile browser enables on desktop, now you can add 360 degree photos on Facebook)

It is a very simple process to upload 360 degree photos on Facebook. Be it Android, iPhone or desktop. Problem comes when Facebook does not recognize your photo as 360 degree. In that case you can follow the above-mentioned solutions. Every situation has been covered in the article. Please tell us in the comment section, Which method worked for you. Enjoy flexing your 360 degree photo on Facebook.

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