Thursday, December 7, 2023

GTA Online Community Warns Against Exploit, Players on Guard

Members of the super popular Grant Theft Auto community have been sending out hints that a possible extreme exploit is on the way and might cause ample impact of player PCs.

An exploit to beckon with

The GTA Online members have sent out warnings to players about this remote code based execution or “RCE” that will ease hacker access on user PCs.

It is not rare for hackers to make their presence in Grand Theft Auto Online. Being so popular makes the game bear the brunt of hacking services. This latest exploit has supposedly been discovered since it allows unprecedented access for hackers. This might threaten player accounts or even their PCs. GTA is a multiplayer game and also online so its systems are always of server-side grade.

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An inside scoop

The server-side feature not just lets Rockstar protect information from any outside influence but also keeps players alter information on PCs. Exploits get through the security issues with manipulation of data sent from the player client to servers. The main GTA job role for Rockstar is ensuring data sent out is authentic prior to changing things server-side.

Rockstar relates reporter Tez2 went on to share on Twitter how the “extreme exploit” will be permitting hackers in altering other player stats. With the exploit account corruption too will be a practical menace. Social media has already had ample hullabaloo with the RCE exploit. This is already seeing use online.

The bigger issue is that these hackers are just scratching up on surface of the RCE exploit’s abilities. Tez2 reports, “this could transform into something much worse [and] extend beyond [the] game and affect your PC.”

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Tez2 goes on to state how Rockstar is”logging” many affected accounts.  Rockstar hasn’t taken very quick or major steps to deal tackle the exploit or made any revelation yet.

An end note

Tez2 recommends that all players use the firewall rule for GTA Online to somehow protect themselves. Alternatively, using a “temporary fix” wherein players may delete the folder “Rockstar Games”  from their documents might work. It is all a try test module to manage a fix with this latest GTA exploit. The game is available on PC, PS 5 and 4, Xbox 1, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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