Free Repairs For Apple Series 5 Watch, Anyone Interested?

Apple Series 5 Watch

Owners of some Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE are facing a trouble while charging their smartwatch. The users are unable to charge the watches once they enter the Power Reserve mode for battery saving. To help resolve the issue, Apple is offering free repair for Apple Series 5 Watch. For all of the other users having these watches, the updated OS would help in preventing the issue on their devices.

 As reported by The Verge, Apple has published a support page for the Apple Watch Series 5 and Watch SE due to “a very small number of customers” experiencing an issue where their smartwatch won’t charge after entering Power Reserve. The Support page reads,

“A very small number of customers with Apple Watch Series 5 or Apple Watch SE models running watchOS 7.2 or 7.3 have experienced an issue with their watch not charging after it enters Power Reserve. If your Apple Watch still won’t charge after installing the update and after you put it on a charger for at least 30 minutes, the company asks that you contact Apple Support to set up a free mail-in repair. The company will have to inspect your watch to “verify that it’s eligible for free repair.”

Apple Series 5 Watch 1

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For smartwatch owners who are not be aware whether their Apple Series 5 watch has this issue, then Apple has asked the users to place the watch on the charger they normally used and wait for 30 minutes to see if the watch was being charged. In case the watch still doesn’t get fully charged, then one will have to contact the Cupertino’s support team to set up the repair arrangement. Apple will examine your watch before service “to verify that it’s eligible for free repair,” which means its checked for other damage or unofficial parts/tampering, and then carry out the repair assuming no problems are found. We don’t know what that repair entails, but a new battery seems likely.

A new version of watchOS was released on February 15 (v7.3.1), which may fix the charging problem. But, in case the software update is unable to fix the issue, the company will repair your watch for free.

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