Google is a saviour, it keeps adding useful new features to its service, some related to backup and archival, some about reminding us all of what it considers important moments from our digital memories.Google Photos latest update is a part of its Memories feature, that shows users two types of photos – “Tasty treats” and “Sand and Sea”. The new Google photo feature works its magic through your smartphones’ photo collection and identify pictures that look like they match the above criteria and show them in a group of “stories”.

How Will Google Photo Latest Update Feature Work?

 It is believed that the new Google Photos latest update will significantly rely on various pieces of information from the images itself in order to surface them in the Memories section. For instance, it will use location-based data from your images to check which images were captured near a seashore. It is also being speculated that Google might resort to using machine learning capabilities to identify images of sweet food in your library.

Google Photos latest update 1

Google is yet to make known more details about “Sand and Sea” and “Tasty Treats” as part of its Memories feature. It could be that the company is adding features in order to convince users to stay on the service in July when free “unlimited” storage for all users will come to an end.

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Google Memories Feature

 The memories feature, which was released a few years back, show your moments from the past so you can relive special memories.Memories from Google Photos is a tool that’s similar to what was called “Rediscover this day” and will remind you a lot of the “On this day” in Facebook or the images in the Instagram archive. Essentially, in the upper part of the screen, you’ll see little circles that you can tap on and that will show you stories with the best photos and videos from past years. The design is very similar to Instagram: in the upper part of your Google Photos, you’ll see a list with different circles set out horizontally. When you tap on each circle, you’ll see photos and videos from each year.

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