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Active India Challenge Launched By Apple

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Apple’s retail distributors and authorised resellers – Redington, Indiaistore, and Ingram have together launched the Get Active Indiachallenge for all Apple Watch users in India. The idea behind the recently Get Active Indiachallenge launched is to encourage all Apple Watch users to get active and stay fit. The challenge has already started and will go on until March 14. Here are all the details!

The Get Fit India challenge has Apple Watch users competing against each other, but representing a city of their choice in India. The challenge asks Apple Watch users to come together as a city and determine the fittest city in India. Cities will be ranked in a national leaderboard based on the points people are earning.

How to Participate in Active India Challenge?

  • Download Challenge App on iOS device
  • Open the app and use code ‘India’ to select the city of choice
  • Once done, the app will assign a Move goal-based body weight
  • Once done, users will have to close Activity rings on their Apple Watch each day

To participate in Apple’s Active India Challenge, all users need to have an Apple Watch and a companion iOS device. Those interested can then download the Challenges app on their phone. Once the app has been successfully installed, users have to enter the code ‘India’ and select their city of choice that they would like to represent.

Active India Challenge Launched By Apple 1

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Once you have selected the city of residence, the app will autonomously assign a Move goal based on your body weight. Remember, this Move goal will not be the same as the one you have set for yourself on the Apple watch.

After the mandatory set up is complete, users will have to close Activity rings on their Apple Watch each day. This will help in accumulating points to your account, which will have a direct impact on the ranking of your city on the overall leader board as well.

Cities That Can Be Represented in Active India Challenge

At the moment, cities to choose from includes Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Lucknow, while others are clubbed into a single ‘Rest of India’ option.

How To Earn Points in Active India Challenge?

Participants will get 1 point for each stand hour, with a maximum of 14 Stand points per day. There are also points for Move and Exercise. Earning a total of 40 points a day gets you a Bronze badge, while 60 points a day gets you a Silver badge. To get a Gold badge, users must accumulate no less than 80 points daily.

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We often see Apple initiating special watch Activity Challenges for individuals, but country-wide Apple Watch challenges like this are really encouraging and great to see. What are your thoughts? Are you participating in the Active India Challenge to make your city win? Share your scores with us!

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