As far as mobile games go, Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that was developed by 111 Dots Studio. It was then made available for both Android and iOS by Garena. It became the most downloaded mobile game and was also awarded the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.

How to play Free Fire on PC without any emulator?

When it comes to a game as popular as free fire, gamers eventually do bring a mobile game to the PC. In order to run android apps on a PC or Mac, players can usually install emulators to stimulate Android devices on the PC. The thing with emulators is, to create a smooth and no-lag gameplay scenario, the system requirements include a minimum of 4 GB RAM. This is so for even the best of emulators like Memy Play, Gameloop, and Bluestacks.

For those working with a system that is not able to support such requirements, meeting the minimum requirements to play Free Fire on PC is the next best option. To play free fire on PC without any emulator players need to install the Google Chrome web browser and an extension called ARC Welder (App Runtime for Chrome). 

How To Play Free Fire on PC

When playing Free Fire on PC without an emulator, players can experience the same features, very similar to the mobile version. Even on the PC, players can find themselves landing in a battlezone with other competitors, to fight a 15-minute long match in a quest to be the last survivor.

How to play Free Fire on PC without any emulator

Additionally, running the game on a PC improves the graphics of the game by revving up the HDR HQ setting. The bigger screen also offers a more detailed look and makes it easier to find and target enemies in the game. The added comfort of being able to use a keyboard and mouse helps target and shoot down in the game effortlessly.

How to play Free Fire on PC without emulator

Here is a step-by-step of how to download and run Free Fire on PC without any emulator using the ARC Welder Chrome Extension :

  1. Download Google Chrome web browser to your laptop or PC and install the latest version of the  application
  2. On the internet, search for ‘ARC welder’ or find it on the Chrome store
  3.  Download the file and add it to Google Chrome Extension List in the D drive
  4. Restart the browser – go to Settings / Extensions and check if the add on is installed successfully 
  5. Download the Garena Free Fire to your PC:
    Since it is not possible to download Free Fire directly from the Google Play store on a PC, access the APK file of the game from a trusted website or via Athe PK file host like APKmirror
  6. Click onto the icon of ARC Welder on the bookmark bar of Chrome
  7. A window should pop-up, much like the screen of a smartphone.
  8. Browse to select and open the downloaded Free Fire APK file.
  9. Wait for the file to be fully loaded, and then click on the Test button to launch the game  

This is how one can play Free Fire on a PC without an emulator, but it can also be done easily using an emulator like Gameloop or Bluestacks. When using an emulator, players can download the apps from their official websites, download the game through this app, and launch it as usual.