Hero MotoCop To Launch Electric Scooters And Battery-Swapping Stations in India

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Hero MotoCop has collaborated with Taiwan based company Gogoro to launch electric scooters along with battery-swapping stations in India. The new partnership will focus on sustainable mobility and is aimed at expanding the country’s goal to boost the market of electric vehicles (EVs).

As part of the venture, Hero will be responsible for building electric scooters based around Gogoro’s technology. Hero MotoCop will also install Gogoro’s battery-swapping stations in different cities throughout the country.

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 Why India needs more electric vehicles?

The automobile industry of India has been buzzing with new advancements, innovation and trends lately.electric vehicles are on their way to soon become a bright reality in India, paving way for a positive change. 

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EVs hold the key to permanent solutions of a better, cleaner India for the sustainability of its populace. Here are some advantages of choosing electric scooters as the preferred mode of travelling.

  • Environment friendly
  • Convenient charging, not affected by fluctuating fuel price
  • Low running costs
  • Reduced toxic emissions, particularly of the harmful carbon and nitrous oxide variety
  • Less maintenance as compared to petrol scooters
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Gogoro’s range of scooters are powered by swappable batteries that owners drop off and pick up at public stations the size of a typical vending machine. In the past few years, Gogoro has encouraged encouraging industry giants like Yamaha and Suzuki to accelerate the switch to electric power. It has successfully signed several deals to license its plug-and-play batteries.

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Gogoro founder and CEO Horace Luke in an interview with The Verge said, “No other place on Earth has more people moving around on fossil fuel-burning two-wheelers than India.” He further added, “It has been a very, I would say, challenging, challenging endeavour for [Hero] because they’re missing the infrastructure part of the equation,” he said. “They don’t have a battery swapping infrastructure that has proven to be solid enough for India to to transform and electrify their nation.”

The new partnership will help both the companies tap in the open market of EVs in India. Hero’s dealership coupled with Gorgoro’s technology will prove beneficial for both in the near future.