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Find Out How Does UC Browser Block Pop-Ups

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In case you are wondering can UC Browser block pop-ups? The answer is a straight ‘Yes’. Pop-ups rise in the browsers primarily and they are annoying especially when you are reading an interesting article and pop-ups start flying all across the screen. The situation gets worse when you are checking something on your smartphone. This is because in such a small screen it becomes difficult to get back to the main website. Do not worry we got you covered to deal with the issue.

How does UC Browser Block Pop-Ups?

Well, there is a little something that you need to do to block the pop-ups. We are going to guide you to do the same. If you are meaning to block the pop-ups on your PC, do the following:

uc browser block pop ups 1
  • Open UC Browser
  • Open Settings or type ucbrowser://settings/ into the UC browser’s URL bar
  • Select Ad-Block to be found on the left side
  • Mark the Block pop-up windows box

And that is it, you are done. You can edit your ad preference and change the settings later if you want from there itself.

How to Block Pop-Ups in UC Browser Android?

Follow the simple steps as given below if you want to get rid of the UC browser pop-ups on your Android device:

  • Open UC Browser
  • Go to Settings from the quick mention option found on the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on Adblock
  • Toggle to turn on Adblock

It is as simple as that and you would be relieved of all your worries. Now enjoy everything that you wanted while using the UC Browser without any disturbance.

The same steps are to be followed if you want to block pop-ups in iPhone as well.

What are Pop Up Ads and Why are They Annoying?

Pop-up ads are different from regular ads and you cannot differentiate the ad from the content on the website. They remain hidden. Whenever a website is being opened or a link is clicked, you are redirected to a different website that you never wanted to visit in the first place. These websites are mostly useless for any visitor but they are meant to be displayed to you as advertisements.

Block Pop-Ups in UC 2

Pop-up ads are extremely annoying because they throw you out from the website you visited primarily. Moreover, the back button does not even properly work most of the time. More often than not you will be asked to download some unwanted apps.

It is to be noted that it is not the pop-up ads that are at fault but the doing of the website owners who allow these pop-up ads to earn revenue.

Since you must have been bothered by pop-up ads which lead you to this article, congratulations, you are now armed with the procedure to enable pop-up blocking. A small step can get a long way to earn peace of mind, especially when it concerns pop-up ads. Well, we want to ask you one simple question now- Could you guess that it would be so easy to make UC Browser block pop-ups? Hit us up in the comments.

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