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How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook can be undisputedly be regarded as the leader of social media in the global scenario. It was initially launched as a platform for connecting with people and over the last decades or so, it has significantly expanded. Now, it has acquired various other platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp and also has launched Facebook Marketplace. Today, we will take about what is Facebook Marketplace and how to see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a commercial platform that initially allowed sellers to sell their products to a niche audience. However, it is now evolved into a platform for merchant selling. It aims to provide a singular and more expansive channel for selling the products, leveraging the interactions and connections one has on the platform. 

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Statistically, more than 900 million people use Facebook Marketplace and it gives an opportunity to the sellers to use the platform for targeting an existing customer base. 

Facebook Marketplace can be used to narrow down result using filters based on category, location, etc. 

But, what are the benefits of selling on Facebook Marketplace?

  • Everybody who uses Facebook for socializing knows the massive reach and the grip it has on the world. So, it is natural that anyone who uses it as an e-commerce platform know that it has the potential to reach millions of customers.
  • Relevant experience for customers:- It helps small businesses immensely by providing relevant results to the customers for their product searches. Ultimately, it helps the businesses by being seen by their target audience and eventually gives them an opportunity to increase sales conversion.

How to see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace?

If you have viewed Facebook Marketplace on PC or Mac, you may have found it difficult to view certain information which is hidden. On the PC version or the web version of the Marketplace hidden information occurs because this version does not allow the users to make calls. While using the mobile version, you can straight up to see the mobile number without the ‘hidden information’ button. 

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But, what if you are using the PC and want to know how to see the hidden information of Facebook Marketplace?

It is quite simple. What you have to do is simply, add ‘m’ instead of ‘www’ when you log into www.facebook.com.

What this will do is that instead of opening the desktop version of Facebook Marketplace, it will open the mobile version on the desktop. So, when you are viewing information of a contact you can view even the ‘hidden information.

Facebook Marketplace can be a great place to buy from and support small businesses. It is also a great option for sellers to build a great and expansive customer base. 

Some information on Facebook Marketplace can be hidden on the desktop which can easily be seen on the mobile version of the app. The trick to viewing hidden information on Facebook Marketplace is to view the mobile version of the app on the desktop.

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