Faug Vs Pubg: Who Has Better Google Rating?

Faug Vs Pubg

FAUG has had over 5 million downloads since its launch in January 2021. The PUBG rival received an outstanding rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play Store. However, it has seen a steep fall in ratings this week. What is the truth about the FAUG vs PUBG battle?

Reports suggest that PUBG players are bombing FAUG’s ratings on the Play Store. Ratings have fallen from 4.5 stars to 3.2 stars based on 4,95,531 reviewers.

What made the rating fall so low? Is it the game play of PUBG fans? Or is FAU-G itself responsible? Let’s find out!

Mixed User Reactions: FAUG Vs PUBG

FAUG has been on the receiving end because of mixed reactions from gaming enthusiasts across the country. Some gamers feel the game has potential. However, several have called out the game for lack of features. Reviews that compare it with PUBG say that the basic features are missing.

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Overhype: FAUG Vs PUBG

The feedback suggestion on Play Store is filled with 1 star ratings. Most of them say how the most-hyped game has failed to make an impact. The hype for the game was real. It came at a time when PUBG was banned by the Indian government. Adding to the over-hype was the delayed launch of the game.

Faug Vs Pubg 1

Who wins in PUBG vs FAUG?

While PUBG did certainly raise the bar for smartphone gaming, people had massive expectations from FAUG. However, FAUG is just a punch game and lacks some key features. For starters, it doesn’t have the auto-run feature.

In addition to this, the basic jump, duck and prone features are not available so far.

What works in favour of FAUG are the graphics of the game. They are above average and look good while playing. However, the gameplay is not as engaging as it is on other games. 

Game Modes: FAUG Vs PUBG

A major difference between FAUG and PUBG revolves around the available modes. PUBG is based on the Battle Royale mode. It has a multiplayer interface. FAUG is an action-based game. It has a single-player mode for now. Team Death Match and a potential Battle Royale format are to be introduced by the developers later. However, we hope it’s not too late in the day.

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Gaming enthusiasts were expecting FAUG to be better than PUBG Mobile. However, is not meeting user expectations. Hence, people have started giving low ratings to the action-royale game.

FAUG is an Android-only game for now. Its arrival on iOS platform could be announced soon.

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