Launch Dates : PUBG Cell India vs FAU-G

The PUBG (Player’sUnknown Battlegrounds) Cell India relaunch has been the talk of the gaming community, even though an official launch date has not yet been given. According to the rumour mill, the game is set to be relaunched just before the New Year. The PUBG corporation, however, has confirmed that the game has been tweaked keeping in mind the Indian market. The PUBG Corporation is ready to relaunch PUBG Mobile in India as PUBG Mobile India, provided the government permissions are fulfilled. A report suggests that Indian gamers are excited about its relaunch, with pre-registrations having crossed pre-registration numbers of another game called FAU-G. Unofficial numbers say that PUBG Mobile India received around 200,000 pre-registrations while FAU-G received around 60,000 pre-registrations.

On the other hand, there is the upcoming FAU-G (Fearless and United Guard) launch predicted for November 2020.  nCore Games is ready to launch the made-in-India action game, with the first edition of the game focusing on the Galwan Valley episode. The game was announced a few days after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, and has since then gained popularity. 

The Gameplay : PUBG Cell India vs FAU-G

The PUBG Cell India gameplay has not been yet introduced but, according to a statement by MD & Co-Founder at NODWIN Gaming – Akshat Rathee – the game is expected to be ‘totally different from what it was (before the ban).’ It is expected to be a little different from the worldwide model, and the older PUBG Cell IDs may be transferred to the PUBG Esport Indian gaming. This  means that customers will be able to retrieve skins bought from the previous model of the game into the Indian model as well as the in-game purchases. All banned PUBG Cell accounts, however, are not going to be restored.

Pubg mobile india vs faug 1

As for the other game, FAU-G, the e-sport is expected to get a battle royale mode in some time, but the preliminary gameplay is seemingly an easy third-person motion sport. There will be single-player as well as the possibility of cooperative multiplayer gameplay. The co-founder of gaming corporation Vishal Gondal mentioned that the game has been created to let users experience ‘what occurred in Galwan Valley.’

Teasers : PUBG Cell India vs FAU-G

PUBG Cell India shared a comic teaser on the official YouTube channel, showing three well-known Indian PUBG Cell players (Dynamo, Kronten, and Jonathan) ‘Lacking the thrill’ doing everyday tasks like cooking and sitting around. The clips are supported with subtitles saying ‘Lacking the thrill?,’ ‘Lacking the Pan?,’ ‘Lacking the Thrill?,’ and ‘Lacking the Rooster Dinner?’. 

The FAU-G teaser simply confirmed that the gameplay is set in the Galwan Valley which is the disputed Aksai Chin area under China. The brief one-minute teaser video reveals FAU-G’s graphics, gameplay particulars, and the fight without weapons.

The PUBG Ban

PUBG Mobile became one of the most popular battle royale games in India, and after the ban, it is expected that it will experience a popular reception upon its relaunch as compared to similar games. The company is currently waiting for the Indian government to give an official permission for the relaunch. 

The battle royale game was banned in September this year along with many other Chinese applications, the reason being that online Chinese apps could pose a threat to national security. This concern has now been addressed by the gaming corporation, which says that the privacy and security the data received from the Indian players’ data will be the topmost concern. 

Team PUBG vs Team FAU-G

While the games may seem similar to an untrained eye, gamers will tell you that these are two very different games, and are expected to attract different groups of gamers.

FAU-G brings in its made-in-India tag, with an Indian-style gameplay, Indian places on the maps in the game, adn a real, India-centric storyline.  These features are expected to attract Indian gamers and also offer an insight into how the Indian Army worked for the operation at Galwan valley. 

PUBG Mobile on the other hand already has a huge fanbase in India, but with an uncertain release date, there is no knowing which direction the popular vote will swing in. 

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