Hotline is the new Facebook’s Clubhouse competitor. Facebook is experimenting with Hotline, a new competitor for Clubhouse to cash on the growing popularity of the social media format. The social media giant is currently testing Hotline, an app designed that shares similarities with the invitation-only audio chat room app Clubhouse. Facebook Hotline Clubhouse allows creators to speakers to appear not only on video but audio as well.

Hotline different from Clubhouse

·        Host gets control over audience participation

·        Built-in Q&A

·        Open-ended discussions

·        Conversations are recorded

·        Use of emojis as reactions

Hotline gives hosts control over audience participation. It is different in its working as it allows the hosts to use video and even allows them to schedule more formal presentations with Q&A built-in. Unlike audio-only conversations that take place on Clubhouse, Hotline will provide users a chance to engage in more open-ended discussions, and will even allow the hosts to record their sessions in both audio and video formats. It will automatically records conversations, which can prove quite useful when conducting.

Facebook hotline clubhouse 1

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Hotline events are planned as a cross between a radio show and a Twitch stream. The central Q&A module of Hotline comprises the hosts fetching questions from the audience via text message. The audience will be given the right to upvote the questions they’d want answers for.

Hotline will allow the participants to respond to the ongoing dialogue with emojis. Hosts will also be allowed to give individuals participating in the discussion a chance to ask their questions live on the virtual stage.

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The brain behind Facebook Hotline Clubhouse

Hotline app is being led by Eric Hazzard, the brain behind the Q&A app tbh, which Facebook acquired in 2017.

Facebook hotline clubhouse 2

Facebook Hotline will support the video and will let participants toggle the video when asking a question. In Hotline, the video will play a secondary role to audio though, as streams will be presented in small circles. It will also enable users to switch to only listen in on the conversation, or be active participants, whenever they feel like it.

If you want to give hotline a try, visit and sign up for the waitlist.