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Best Mobile Tracker with Google Maps for Android

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What can be more frightening than realizing that you have lost your mobile phone? Especially when storing all your important data and files on your device. But no worries!

Android’s built-in features and a couple of apps allow you to track your phone in case of any eventuality. Here’s a list of the best mobile tracker with Google Maps.

Track a mobile number without using an app  

You can track your mobile without using an app by using google maps. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take.  

Find my device

The ‘Find My Device’ feature on Android phones helps you find and subsequently lock your phone and erase the data on it. Find My Device works only if the phone is turned on, has an internet connection and has a Google Account signed in. The Location and Find My Device services should also be enabled. To use Find My Device:

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  • Open and log in to your primary Google Account.
  • Select the phone whose location you want to trace (required in the case of multiple phones using the same user profile).
  • This will provide you with an approximate idea of the location of the phone on Maps or the last known location, whichever is available. It will also send a notification to that phone.
  • You can now choose to Lock your phone and erase the data. Once the data has been erased, the Google Account will be removed, and Find My Device will stop working.
  • Best Mobile Tracker with Google Maps for Android
  • Alternatively, you can download the Find My Device App, sign in using the relevant Google Account and follow the steps. It is undoubtedly the best mobile tracker with Google Maps.
Best Mobile Tracker with Google Maps for Android

Google Maps is capable of identifying the location and other details of a mobile phone. For this method to work accurately, the location services feature must be enabled, and the phone should be switched on. To track the mobile using Google Maps:

  • Go to the Google Maps app on your device.
  • Open your account by clicking on the icon on the top right side of the window.
  • Select ‘Add Another Account’ from the list of options.
  • Choose Google Accounts and sign in with the email address of the concerned person whose phone you want to track. This should be the same email address on which the Google Maps of the other phone is running.
  • The next step is to open the app again and click on the ‘Account’ icon. Choose the account that you recently added.
  • Open the menu and select ‘Your Timeline’. You shall now be able to see the location of the mobile.

Location Sharing 

Another simple way of keeping track of someone’s mobile is by enabling the ‘Location Sharing’ feature in their phone’s Google Maps app. For this:

  • Open the app on the other person’s phone and hit the ‘Hamburger’ icon present on the top left side to open the menu. In some versions of the app, you may have to click on the profile icon on the right side to open the menu.
  • Select the ‘Location Sharing’ option from the menu.
  • Tap on ‘Get Started’ when the pop-up appears on the screen.
  • Choose the time for which you want to enable location sharing. The feature can be used for a fixed period or until it is turned off. In the case of the latter, the link shall only be shared as a text message.
  • Tap on the contact to which you wish to send the message. A dialogue box asking for permission to ‘Share via the link’ will appear. Click on ‘OK’.
  • Next, hit ‘Send’, and you will get the link to track the location using Google Maps.

Best mobile tracker with google maps for android 

Best Mobile Tracker with Google Maps for Android 1

There are a plethora of other apps that claim to trace mobile numbers and the location of phones.


This is the most renowned phone number tracker app in the market. By making an account on this app, users can track the identity of the caller and their possible location by entering the phone number.

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Features of the app

  • Caller identification
  • Block spam calls and SMS 
  • Call recording
  • Number Search

Find my phone

If you are trying to find your lost phone, then ‘Find my phone’ is going to help you. It is a google play store application that allows you to find your phone. The GPS tracking functionality detects the location of your lost or stolen phone.

Features of the app

  • It runs in silent mode as well
  • Has real-time GPS tracking functionality
  • It tells you about the exact location
  • Offers complete phone security


This is an excellent location-tracking app that facilitates private location-sharing information between phones. It sends alerts when a person with a linked mobile arrives/leaves a destination or is anywhere nearby.

Features of the app 

  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Safe Zone Alerts 
  • SOS Panic Button
  • Group Messaging 

Phone tracker by number

Around 50 million people around the world have downloaded the Phone tracker by number. It is one of the best mobile trackers with Google Maps. The app is translated into more than 44 languages. Like iSharing, this app allows tracing the phones of family members via a private family map. The real-time location can be shared for coordinating with each other and for locating a lost phone.

Features of the app 

  • It is free of cost
  • Pop-ups the battery alert
  • Has the ability to detect the location of your lost or stolen device by accessing the family member’s certified mobile.
  • Life 360

Gadget council

This is a phone number tracker website that tells the approximate location of a mobile. In addition, it provides information about the operator as well as the circle of the mobile number using the first few digits.

Features of the app

  • Authentic name in the industry 
  • Highly secured
  • Global search
  • It gives a detailed overview of everything


There are other apps, like Spyic, mSpy, iKeyMonitor, etc., that can trace mobile numbers and monitor the activity on the phone. However, it’s imperative to note that tracking someone’s mobile without their knowledge is not allowed. It is advisable not to indulge in such practices and use only fairways to trace phones for legitimate reasons. We hope our list of the best mobile tracker with google maps for Android. 

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