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Does Facebook Messenger Notification Works in Airplane Mode?

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If you want to know whether or not Facebook Messenger notification works in airplane mode, well they do not. This is because when the phone is kept in airplane mode, it loses all connection to Wi-Fi or cellular networks and even Bluetooth. Thus, making or receiving phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, and using the Internet would not be possible.

Facebook Messenger notification works in airplane mode

While on an airplane you put your phone on Airplane mode but wish to use the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, you may be able to do it if the airline allows it on board.

What do callers hear when they call a person who has their phone on airplane mode?

If you call somebody whose phone is on airplane mode, you would hear the phone ringing but it would ring at the receiver’s end. The same would happen if your phone is on flight mode and somebody calls you.

Benefits of airplane mode

One of the most important benefits of flight mode is that it shuts off several features that drain the battery. Charging happens faster when a phone is on airplane mode. It is the best way to remain unavailable if you want to. Turning off and then turning it on again take several minutes but putting the phone on and off flight mode take a few seconds only.

Facebook Messenger Notification Works in Airplane Mode 1

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What happens when the phone is put on airplane mode after sending messages on Facebook Messenger?

As soon as you turn on the flight mode, the messages sent via Facebook Messenger would not reach the other end. This feature helps tremendously if you have sent messages to somebody by mistake. You may then unsend the messages and everything will be sorted.

Read messages on Facebook Messenger without changing the status

Do you want to hide the fact that you have read others’ messages on Facebook Messenger? You can do that by simply activating the flight mode on your phone and opening the Messenger app to read the messages. Then close out of the app completely before deactivating flight mode. Do not immediately go to the Home Screen after closing the app.

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Well, you have found out by now whether or not Facebook Messenger notification works in airplane mode and how the airplane mode helps in certain situations. Hope you found this article helpful.

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