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Google Maps Will Now Let Users Breathe Fresh Air

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The tech giant Google has been introducing new useful features to its navigation app- Google Maps for long now. Recently, another feature that Google rolled out for the navigation app is a health-related feature.

Both Android and iOS users will get to use the new Air Quality layer that will help them to breathe fresh air. The feature will let users know about the latest Air Quality Index (AQI) which means they will know about how polluted or clean the air is. Along with this, the users will also be guided for the outdoor activities.

How does the new feature work?

The new layer will use government data gathered from various agencies to display an Air Quality Index (AQI) overlay directly on the map grid.

Data collected will be from agencies like EPA, the US that will let users know how healthy the air is. When the user will click on the AQI readings that will be dotted around Google maps, he will get the info about the health impact of the air quality, the source of the last ready, and the time.

Google Maps Will Now Let Users Breathe Fresh Air 1

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How to add an air quality layer to Google Map?

If you want to add an air quality layer to your Google Map, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, open the Google Map app on your device
  • Once done, tap on the button that will be placed at the top right corner of the screen
  • Go to map details and select Air Quality

Users can also use PurpleAir on speaker and nest display to view air quality information.

Not only this, but the new update also comes with the wildfire layer feature for the US users.

Interestingly, Google has partnered with the National Interagency Fire Centre. This will help to inform users about any wildfires near them or far from them. The company has also talked about the smoke data detection feature that will be rolled out in the coming years in the US.

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