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Did You Think Only iPhone 14 Models Will Support Satellite Communications?

The grapevine is ripe with the rumor that iPhone 14 will have satellite communications support. This feature will enable call and text over satellite networks in areas where Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity are unavailable. This feature was supposed to be iPhone 13 series as well which launched last year but unfortunately, it did not happen.

More about satellite communications feature

As per the latest report by Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst, if Apple introduces satellite communications, then both iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series will have the feature enabled. Addressing the speculations about satellite communications on Medium, Kuo said Apple is relentlessly working on this feature for a few years.

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Kuo added, “The increasing frequency of natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts in recent years will likely make emergency texting/voice services via satellite communications a must-have smartphone feature.”

satellite communications test

As per an insider, Apple completed the satellite communications test even before the production started for iPhone 14 models. His words echoed claims from all other reports about the feature, which is that it would enable voice and text services for emergencies in remote locations.

However, this is not entirely up to Apple to turn on this feature on the iPhone 14 models. This feature can be offered only when Apple and operators settle the business model.

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Satellite communications on iPhone 13

Kuo said, addressing both iPhone 13 series and the satellite communications feature, “Apple had already completed the hardware development of satellite communication in the iPhone 13.” However, the feature remains disabled on iPhone 13 models because Apple is yet to finalize the business model.

Satellite communications on iPhone 14

According to Kuo, it is hard to guess when iPhone models would have satellite communications service for real. It may not even support this mode immediately on launch. Thus, it would be interesting to watch Apple’s announcement during the event scheduled for next week and whether or not they mention anything about this feature.

iPhone 14 1

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Possible partnership

Kuo noted that Globalstar is likely to be Apple’s partner for satellite communications support. However, it is unclear whether or not carriers will have any authority in allowing satellite communications on the devices. However, many carriers are highly interested in this feature. T-Mobile has already announced a project similar to this.

Competitors’ offerings

The analyst wrapped up the discussion by saying the competitors shall offer satellite communications support as well on their smartphones. Set to launch on 6th September, Huawei Mate 50 could be having this feature.

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