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5 New Features and Improvements to Expect from the iPhone 14 Series

In less than 10 days Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 series. Fans are awaiting the launch with batted breaths. Speculations and conjectures are ripe about the improvements and new features that these models will have. iPhone 13 brought in some amazing upgrades, which made people more hopeful about iPhone 14. Without further ado, here are five 5 new features and improvements to expect from the iPhone 14 series based on the reports and leaks.

5 new features and improvements to expect from the iPhone 14 series

1. Astrophotography

‘Far Out’ is the tagline of Apple’s invite for the event on 7th September 2022. In fact, in the poster, the Apple logo is placed in space. All these led to the belief that the iPhone 14 series might have astrophotography mode.

This mode was first introduced in Google Pixel 4, which Vivo and Xiaomi tried to mimic soon after and incorporated into their smartphones. The Google Pixel 4 captures and combines multiple frames to accomplish a clean exposure with restricted noise levels while taking pictures of the night sky.

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Apple is probably hinting that iPhone 14 will have this amazing feature to capture the sky with all its elements during the night. According to Max Weinbach, astrophotography mode was supposed to be in iPhone 13 but that did not happen. Hence, hopes are high for this feature to be found in iPhone 14.

2. Always-on display

The feature Android users have been enjoying for years is expected to debut in a new avatar on iPhone too. For the unversed, the always-on display feature shows notifications or time on the screen even when the device is locked.

This feature has already made its way into the Apple Watch Series 5 and later models. Hence, it is likely that Apple will have this feature in their device too. However, as per speculations, only iPhone 14 Pro will have always-on mode and not the other models in this series.

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3. Satellite connectivity

The ‘Far Out’ space-themed event invite could also be an indication for iPhone 14 to have satellite connectivity. Bloomberg reported that this technology will allow iPhone users to message emergency contacts and services or report an emergency even in absence of cellular service.

Expected to be an iMessage built-in feature, Apple is tight-lipped about it. A satellite communications consultant at Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, Tim Farrar hinted in a series of tweets that Apple may partner with Globalstar for having satellite connectivity on the iPhone.

The rumor cannot be ignored simply because the US-based telecom operator T-Mobile and Space said earlier this week that their firms are contemplating “end mobile dead zones”.

They will do so by introducing a mobile service powered by Startlink second-generation satellites and bandwidth by T-Mobile. Its mission is to deliver high-speed internet connection in rural areas within the USA with the assistance of the constellation of low Earth orbit satellites by SpaceX.

4. Better Cameras

Without a doubt, Apple iPhones have the best cameras of all smartphones. iPhone 13 Pro Max tops the chart as long as imaging is concerned. Thus, it is highly expected of iPhone 14 series models to have even better cameras than their predecessors.

Apple iphone14 series 1

This time around, Apple’s focus would be on achieving great performance under low-light conditions. The iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max would have a 48 MP main sensor as per reports. It is already the biggest leap from its 12 MP main sensor in seven years.  However, the lower-end models will continue with the 12 MP sensor if rumors are to be believed.

This 48 MP camera will impact the overall image quality with its detailed approach and low-light improvements. Apart from this, another question is whether or not the high-end models will have a periscope lens. Only time can tell.

5. Improved selfie camera  

Hopes are high that at least the high-end models will have superior quality front cameras. It has been years since the front camera of any iPhone has been given such an upgrade.

ET News reported that the module supplied by LG would bring advanced functionality, including autofocus to the front camera. The upgradation promises enhanced aperture for improved depth-of-field in portrait mode as well as video calls.

The ET News claimed that the unit price of the front camera has increased nearly three times as compared to previous iPhones. This would affect the price of iPhone 14 models to the tune of $ 100 or more.

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Let’s see how far Apple fulfills the expectations of people for much bigger and better changes from the iPhone 14 models. People would be eager to pay more for sure if Apple can deliver. You already know the 5 new features and improvements to expect from the iPhone 14 series. Let us know in the comment section below your ideas of enhancements that the iPhone 14 series would and could have.

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